Continued demonstration

Continued demonstration

Continued demonstration

It is the fourth once again and a beautiful day to remember.We cannot forget the sacrifices made on our behalf. We are grateful to be living in this country and be a part of the celebration.

While everyone might be out enjoying the fireworks and all, I am finding relief from the punishing sun by continuing to make progress with my painting. As you would have notice, I have made a bit more progress by filling in all the wash that I want to fill in.

I have already said that I like unconventional method that is exclusive to me. With this in mind, I choose to shift into gear by laying in the final coloring. This will take some time for me to get done because I like to make sure that I get the effect I desire. however I will continue to show the progress of my work at different intervals.

What do you think of this process so far? Please send me your feedback!


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