Getting to the finish line

You have been following the demonstration this far, how or where do I go from here. By now you would have guess how unconventional I am about my painting. Some rules can to be broken therefore the approach I take in composing and completing a painting will be different from most other instructions.

This demonstration is mostly for the beginners or those who get the feeling of being lost at some point or time with the challenges of painting. If you are an advance Painter you can still follow along and share in the demo. Read the previous blogs to see how we started.

At this point of the painting I start to work on the skyline. I use this approach because it will drop the need for me to paint between trees. Painting from back to front will help you to progress smoothly and avoid confusion in the process. Painting a new piece is always challenging but with persistence you can overcome any obstacle!

We are progressing along very well. Even though you might not be painting the same scene, the process is the same. Choose your subject and follow along and in time you will produce a masterpiece. I will return with more update; I hope you got the idea and are able to make a start with your project.

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