Which Medium Is Right For Me!

You might have asked yourself at some point in you painting career, which media or medium is the right one you should choose. As you are aware there are many choices. However the answer to this question is very simple. Ask yourself which medium you might be attracted to; the one that you are more likely to excites you. Which ever answer you come up with that is the one you should choose.

When I started painting I experimented with everything I could get my hands on. Because I did, I was not limited to any one medium. This helped me much because I gained experience in all the medium I chose. I started my career in art as a water-colorist. I painted in watercolor because for me that was easier to control and got the results for which I was looking. However I always desired oil painting but was never quite able to get it done convincingly to my satisfaction. I stayed away from that medium for years knowing one day I would eventually take leap into it full-time.

I must admit that I had a serious slump in my career and for more than ten years had not painted but I never lost the passion. How could this be you might ask? I had the challenges of my family and migration, in school full-time and other things that occupied my time. I am happy to say that I am back and with the same passion I had before.

I am now devoted to painting in oil as my main medium but still trying other things as I go along. It is still challenging for me to paint in oil but I am putting a lot of effort into getting the job done. One of the things that motivates me is going out and painting out doors when ever possible, purchasing art books so that I can look at other artist work. Take some time to visit art shows, see other artists at work. Get Ideas about what is happening in the art market.

It is a good idea to follow your passion; It could be the best thing you ever did to keep your inspiration alive!


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