What Is Inspiration, Where Can I Get It.

Recently I wrote a post “Pushing Yourself To Create” I started to think, how do you really push yourself to create! What does it really take? My simple answer to this question is “Inspiration”

What is inspiration?
The dictionary describe Inspiration as a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. The divine quality of the writings or words of a person so influenced.

Let us also look at Influence! It is the capacity or power of persons to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc. Inspiration is something that helps to motivates a person towards their goal.

The first thing that you need to effectively paint your next painting is inspiration. It is all around us. How or where we look is the deciding factor that will move us to create. Another definition for Inspiration as  describe by Wikipedia refers to an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic Endeavour.

I would describe inspiration as an entirely internal process. It is beyond the control of any person. It is a subconscious inner burst of divine strength that pushes one to create. What inspires you? How do you move from point “A” to “B”? I am sure it takes a bit of inspiration. Think of it next time you find yourself stuck at the junction of creativity and jump on the bus of “Inspiration” You will reach your goal of reproducing your next masterpiece!


5 thoughts on “What Is Inspiration, Where Can I Get It.

  1. Inspiration is a tricky thing. There have been studies on the cognitive processes related to creativite thinking, and there are actually definitive things you can do to induce “inspiration.” Nevertheless creativity is very a volatile and wonderous phenomenon. I wrote a post about it a while back, if you’d like to check it out:


    I’ll definitely be back to read more!

  2. Thanks for your input! The conversation continues; I am now trying to link Inspiration, Influence, and Motivation. Hope all will participate as we continue the dialog!

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