Beyond Inspiration

So the debate continues; it is now focus beyond inspiration. We will have to admit that after we become inspired to reach one level it might not be enough so we seek for something that propels us to the next level. Motivation is the key to reaching the next plateau.

It is said that inspiration and influence goes together because it is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc. The question I would like to ask is, where does motivating force enters. Don’t we have to be motivated to take action towards the next step for completing the set goal?

Think about it this way, I am inspired to walk one hundred mile or to burn some calories. That is good in itself but what will it take to get started!  Motivation is a greater influence because wrapped up in that bundle of inspiration and influence is that power source of motivation.

It is said: “In modern psychology, inspiration is not often studied, but it is generally seen as an entirely internal process. In each view, however, whether empiricist or mystical, inspiration is, by its nature, beyond control. (

We are moving beyond inspiration to motivation. There are many theories of motivation but I would like to look at one: Goal-setting theory is based on the notion that people sometimes have a drive to reach a clearly defined end state. Often, this end state is a reward in itself. We look at the subject and developed the inspiration within to reach that set goal.

As an artist I am inspired to paint a picture, that instinct kicks in therefore I am motivated to look for that one scene that will give me the inspiration I need to start painting.  I have a clearly define stated end and that is to paint a picture; I am motivated to move to a complete end.

“A goal’s efficiency is affected by three features: proximity, difficulty and specificity. Good goal setting incorporates the smart criteria, in which goals are: specific, measurable, accurate, realistic, and timely. An ideal goal should present a situation where the time between the initiation of behavior and the end state is close. A goal should be moderate, not too hard or too easy to complete.” (

Where do we stand within this three prong sphere of thinking; Is it Inspiration, Influence, or Motivation? It is not very difficult to figure but I might be wrong or I might be confusing these issues: either way your contribution is welcome as I seek to deal with these subject from an Artists’ point of view with relation to painting your next masterpiece.


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