The Art of Focus

Have you ever been told; “Please pay attention to what you are doing!” Giving attention to someone or the thing that you are doing is very important to the process of being focus. It is reasonable to think that it is an art; being focus is sometimes though important, a hard thing to do.

Being focus is about paying attention to the things and the situation around us.  Attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of our surrounding while ignoring other things. It is also referring to things that are allocated to other resources. This includes listening carefully to someone while ignoring all others.

Focusing is used in cessions of therapeutic situation. It is also used to become clear on what you feel or what you want to get i.e. new insight or a goal. It is an inner awareness of felt sense which is a method of self engaged attention that is ready to accept change in some situation. As is describe in the dictionary, focus: to cause to be concentrated. (To place attention on the most urgent problems)

How do you focus? It is simple but it is a question that we have asked and are still waiting for an answer. You may have already known the answer but I am just attempting to give a little insight.

First of all try removing any and everything around you that you find distracting. You have to exert some will power. I find this sometimes hard to do! Therefore I often abandon what I am doing for a moment and then return to it later.

When it is difficult to focus, try thinking of the purpose for which you need to concentrate. You might lack the motivation but get a reason that is big enough to drive you to the destination at will. Do not ever think of stopping because failure should not be a consideration. Take a step back and look at the big picture and clarify your goal.

I have dreams and goals that I have set for myself. Dream that have not yet been manifested; what should I do, abandon those goals, never! I have to stay focus and dream big. Keeping my mind on the goal will help in achieving the things that is in my mind. The bigger your purpose the less trouble you will have to achieve what you have in your mind. Don’t be consumed by it; take a break and return to your focal point!  Being focused sometime means that you will have to empty your mind not just fill it.

How do I end this blog without dealing with the cause of distraction the opposite of being focus? We all have been there done that and are wearing the tee-shirt. So what should we do? The answer is simple; concentrate!

Attention span varies widely between people so we have to take this in consideration and work around it. With the advancement of cell phone and the internet, it is even more difficult at times.

Take a look at the problem. Let’s face it, it is a problem. If it is not one for you yet, trust me it will become one; it’s only a matter of time! Ask yourself: What causes you to lose focus? Find ways to fix it and do so slowly. Concentrate or meditate; it can improve your brain function. If you have multiple tasks at hand, please handle them one at a time. Learn to multitask but plan wisely. Know how much you are capable of handling and stick to the plan.

I started this blog for about a week before it finished. I was losing focus and I could not concentrate; Therefore I leave it for a while and then return to it later. I was able to think more clearly, stay focus and  it is now completed. Hope you find it interesting!

The Power of Choice

When faced with the challenges of everyday, how do you make the choice that will be beneficial to you! We decide the path we take and the accomplishments we achieve. We have and are given the power of choice and the freedom to choose. Therefore we make the decisions and we will ultimately be responsible for the consequences.

The power of choice is a privilege that has been given by the Creator Himself. We seek to demonstrate that choice in many ways. Making such decision is not in any way an easy one. Many of us seek to make positive impact on our society by the way we live but  Media, Corporation, Communities and even Government seems to take control in many covert ways.

Corporation seeks to make positive impact on communities as part of their corporate responsibility. The Media is very influential and more often than not set the precedence for the direction that guides our future. Be that as it may we have to decide the level of influence that is allowed.

As individuals we have a part to play in setting forth the direction we are heading and who we impact along the way. Knowing the responsibilities we face, it is imperative that we be guided by the things we are passionate about. We have to ask ourselves, how do I we use the power of choice?

It is time we take control of our situation and make the right choices instead of leaving things to chance. Can you imagine going through life and allowing someone else to make our choices for us?  God gave man the power of choice from the time we were created. This choice is called free will. Just think of it, many folks are afraid to make choice because they are afraid they will make the wrong choices. Whichever way you might look at it you are making choices every day. I will say to anyone who is afraid, step out on faith and choose! Be responsible and make your own decision. You have the right to choose!

Choice is base on behavior therefore I will ask, whose behavior can you control? I know it seems real simple but the fact is we only give information to someone. How they use that information is the decision only they can control. It does not matter the course in life you take, please choose wisely. I know that we are bombarded every second of the day with decisions to make; sometime it will take a toll on our mental capacity. Take a minute relax and weigh the matter carefully. You will avert a world of disaster by making the right choices as your journey through life.