When silence is not golden

Silence is the lack of audible sound. It is a moment of low intensity or the absence of communication. In silence we can communicate with body language which includes gesture that is being interpreted by anyone that is in connection with the sender. It is a very important factor in sending messages through rituals and other non-verbal gestures.

Within our society the right to silence is a legal protection enjoyed by people undergoing interrogation by qualified authorities. We are all able to exercise these rights; it is something we obtain as citizens of a free community. “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be held against you…”

If we were to examine silence in spiritual turns, it can be disturbing. It was said that God was silence for a period of four hundred years. In those moments the people of Israel was without a true guide and because of this they were left in bondage and mistreated by their wicked task master.

In spirituality silence is often a metaphor for inner stillness. When there is a silent moment you tend to free yourself from the onslaught of thoughts and patterns which is important in spiritual development. Such silence is not the absence of sound it is to bring you in contact with the creator and put Him in focus so that you can develop a closer relationship.

We all can agree that silence is a powerful force. It can produce profound emotions or startling sensory experiences. In today’s world of media saturation silence seems to have become a scarce commodity. There is no limit to the rhetoric and the sound that is drowning out our conscience in making decision that affect our society.

I am tending to look more closely at the word silence because there are times when silence is not golden. Let’s check the dictionary to look at some of the definitions. Although I can find various definitions, I will choose one that I feel fits my reason of expression. This is “Refusal or failure to speak out.” The time to speak out is times when we are compel to go against oppression and excessive human behavior.

Just recently we were all heartbroken for the children of that senseless gun violence. How long do we have to sit back and wait for more of this tragedy to happen? The time is now to break our silence and let it be known that enough is enough. Children should not have to go through this tragedy. It’s time to break the silence and let it be known; we will not sit and wait for this to happen again. The time for action is now so let not your silence be golden.


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