Challenges; how do you cope?

As we embark upon a New Year we have no doubt already rethought the strategies of the pass year and are looking to dive into the New Year. If it was this simple it would be just a breeze proceeding through the time capsule of the future. However as we face new challenges and the road ahead become entangled with the worries and the cares of this life we must trust someone to help guide us through. This is not the time when you want to think that all you need is self reliance!

We have already been confronted with a challenge of the future as we face the thought of rising taxes and ever fluctuating prices at the pump and at the grocery stores. For many of us it will be a question of; where do we go from here? These are the many challenges we face on our journey through time and space.

How do we face or cope with challenges? No doubt many have already asked this question and for many there are no real answers. However we cannot just thumb it through life and expect to reach a destination for which we are ill prepared.

I have seemed folks who you would look up to thinking that they have it all together only to realize that their lives as you see them now are miserable failures. What went wrong you might ask? This is a question that I have always asked myself as I search for answers.

In this life there are many challenges but finding a way to cope is challenging of itself. I would recommend for anyone who find themselves in this inevitable situation. (a) Identify your strength and weaknesses and look at ways to get help before it’s too late. I don’t think that this is too hard a thing to do especially if we take the time to evaluate our lives. Many folks go through life making the same mistakes and never seem to create a check list of their behavior.

Get organize, make plans and set goals that are reasonable to carry out. This is not to say that if you are organized that there won’t be stress in your life. We all are face with challenges more often than not. But I believe that if you have a strategy in place, it will be easy for you to cope with the challenges as they surface. Be reasonable with yourself; face the challenges as they come, don’t run from them even when it is difficult to cope.

In business we analyze and take stock. I don’t know of any reason we cannot apply the same principles to our lives. Look at the SWOT plan that is adopted. SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. These are critical factors in accessing critical positioning therefore we can learn from these and apply the same to our lives. If we are to get ahead we will need to make adjustment to be ready for what is ahead of us. Why are you making such analogies you might ask? The idea is simple, if you don’t plan for life it will certainly plan for you!

To face challenges of the future, try changing your way of thinking. Your mind can play good tricks on you. If you foster negative thoughts, those thoughts can lead to stress and confusion and that’s not helpful. Cancel all negative thinking and seek to be with folk who will help to motivate you positively.

When I am confronted with challenging situation I like to relax and let the situation play out. Let your feelings go and most of all take a little time to pray; it will help!

Getting help is important when it is difficult to cope. Always remember that no man is an island and we should not seek to bear our burdens alone.