I am a visionary with a vision for our world; it would make this earth a better and safer place to live. It is my hope that everyone would share in this dream of a better tomorrow, change society and reform our surroundings.

A vision is great in the hand of a visionary . We are all bless with vision and should strive to develop such. You might be mistaken to believe that vision is only limited to people with physical sight  but it is not; there are people with physical sight who have not yet discovered that inner sense of seeing but are bless a with twenty, twenty vision.

Vision is more than seeing in the natural; it is that sense of seeing things in the future with your inner spirit. The Bible says “without a vision the people perish.” Without a sense of inner consciousness we fail to achieve much and our gold to a greater destiny might be out of reach.

Without visionaries the world would be missing a vital essence which helps to create a beautiful blend and the mixture of cultures to this dynamic creation. Because of visionaries we are making tremendous strides in research, science and technology. The world has come a long way in its advancement, shaping us into a more compact and impactful community.

Visionaries are individuals’ men and women with vision! These are the folks who make things happen. They look deep within themselves and dare to dream. However without the push for advancement and accomplishment, these visions would not be transformed into reality. The world must continue to reach out in support of visionaries in their research that would help to bring the visions and dreams into manifestation and future accomplishments.

As we can see it is because of the great accomplishment of visionaries we enjoy the things we take for granted. Just in-case there are questions, I would like to ask myself to describe a vision or a visionary. A visionary is one who can envision the future. They see things beyond the present state of being. They have an inner vision of things to come. A vision is a clear distinctive and specific vision of the future. It is to have foresight or imagination.

I know that this is a big topic and one that I cannot cover here and now. Why not join the conversation and share your opinion on this topic and let the conversation begin! If you have a vision you can become a great visionary!!


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