Attitude; it can affect your Aptitude and Altitude

I am tired of this therefore I am not going to put any more effort into it! I have had enough I am through I give up and no one can cause me to change my mind! (Attitude)

I am demonstrating situations that regularly affects us. This scenario is about our attitude and how we are affected at odd moments. Though it might happen subconsciously, we dare to admit it; we are guilty. What is an attitude? Do you need an explanation? I thought that you had one!

You may say, not me I am always looking on the bright side of life! There you go with that self-righteous attitude. Oh! so you did not think that I could sense it? Well, think again because attitude is something we display regularly!

Attitude is manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind: a negative attitude; group attitudes. It does not matter how you put it we all have attitudes. We display them from time to time!

Let’s look at attitudes that are commonly being displayed. There are negative and positives with favor or disfavor. How we chose to display them is base on the objects; person, place or things. Can you imagine forming an attitude about a person base on the things we heard about them or our concept of who we thought they were? I would say that it’s time to define our own attitudes and make real evaluation that is distinctive. Drop the self test indulgence and make a true concept of who we are.

Our attitude affects us regularly. Attitudes can be displayed explicitly (i.e., deliberately formed) or implicitly (i.e., subconscious) this can create discussion for or against but the fact is, this happens. How about your body language at your work place or even at home or at church? You don’t have to answer this but we have all been there and know the result and certainly the answer. Implicit and explicit behavior tends to affect individual behavior in different ways. There might not any strong association with each other however sometimes they are. These relationships are sometimes poorly understood.

Let’s not fool ourselves, people will be promoted or demoted in relations to their personal behavior. Did you get looked over for that promotion that you so badly needed? Ever ask the reason or did you play the blame game? Take a look at what you have done and make corrections. The right attitude attracts the right possibilities! You will not be able to fake it; change your brand and get rewarded for your good attitude.

We know about one’s attitude but what are the relations between attitude and aptitude? You might say there is no relationship! Look closely at aptitude. It is the inner ability for learning, suitability, that intelligence and characteristic that affects our mental ability. Do we have those qualities or are those the condition that helps to shape our attitudes? This is a question that is engaging and as such we might not get a very good answer. The question though thought-provoking might make up for a form of conversation.

The dictionary’s description: Aptitudeease in learning or understanding; intelligence. The condition or quality of being apt. (Free Dictionary) If we have the aptitude, we would look at things a bit different the next time we are approached with the decisions we face. Our aptitude will help us with our attitude which helps us to get that promotion we so badly needed. To me there is always a connection between aptitude and attitude! The more we are well-rounded the better we adapt to situations without displaying behavior in a negative manner.

We like to quote the lyrics to the song which says, “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky.” I like this song because it shows itself in a positive light. It gives me a sense of purpose and motives me to think positively about the situations I encounters. However when you contrast the attitudes and aptitudes we sometimes see the isolation and the insulation that keeps us apart. The positive behavior can be drowned out by negative attitudes which affect our altitude.

Human behavior is sometimes complex; however we can reach great height in relationships. If we are souring to the sky and we really believe that we can fly; don’t let your attitude define your aptitude or keep you from achieving altitude.