Violence in our society

Here we go again! Another brother has fallen and the system has turned its back in the name of justice. How long will this perpetuate? Are we still living in the slavery generation when we as a people does not matter we are treated as animals taken to the stall to be slaughtered? The question is out but the answer seems to be far and the solution is nowhere to be found!

Let’s examine the facts and see if there can be a solution to this mess that is engulfing our society and turning men into animals. We can all agree that violence has overwhelming us. Every day in the media the report is out and it is consuming us like a terminal cancer of the baser sort. We are calling out for help and common justice. It is funny that no one is concern until it reaches our door and then we put all efforts into solving rather than preventing the problem.

I might be bias but the news of the pass weeks has left me thinking that life does not matter especially when you belong to one group or culture! It is OK to take a life because you will be exonerated by a lawyer who is able to manipulate the law to their benefit. It does not matter the truth! The truth is irrelevant. What matter is the twist of the system to win a case while disregarding the truth!

Just as a man think in his heart so is he; that’s what the good book says. This nation thinks violence so it has become violent. The laws give aid to the trauma of it all. Today we are exposed to more violence than ever; the media encourage it! It seems that the greatest exposure to violence comes from television. This violence was unimaginable just a few years ago. Now we are labeled and treated like we do not belong to this planet; do what you will because you are protected by those who pledge their resources to make sure it alright!

My question is, are we vigilantes who use the law to our own advantage? Can I wear a hoody without being a target? Can we go shopping without being followed or can we go shopping without being ignored because of someone’s presumption of who we are or what we can afford! I know that this might not make much sense but the facts are there and the jury is out! It’s time to see things for what they are. We have all been targets everywhere; in the workplace, in public and private places. The time has come to end the cycle!

It might be time to heal but healing can’t take place without forgiveness. It is not an easy process but we have to follow in the steps of our master and ask ourselves; what would Jesus do? How would you face the issue and what would you do? This is a question that can ignite a million answers. Think it over and post your answers!