Get up, Stand up, Stand up with the Light

A few years ago we all chanted to the tune of the song, “Get up, stand up, stand up for your right.” This was a result of various types of oppression taking place in our country and around the world. Folks saw the need to speak up through social commentary because it was the only form of release that was available for the poor and disenfranchised. Even though this was the main channel of distribution, there were efforts made to silence the voice of those who seek to be brave enough to take a stand. For the grass-root this was their way of venting their grievances at the social injustices that was taking place.

From that movement of social injustices, many groups were born. Some have survived the test of time and are still standing making their mark on history. As we look back we can be proud of the advances that were made because someone dares to stand. We owe our gratitude to those who were a part of the struggles. To those who are still struggling, I would urge that the struggles for justice live on. Never lose hope; we must stand up for our rights!

I know that it never seems right at the time to challenge the status cue. Some people live out of fear of the consequences. To do nothing is a vote given to continue in the same old system of oppression and victimization. I am proud to look back over history at the changes that were made; someone dared to fight for our rights. For those who stood at the fence looking on doing nothing I know that it must be heart ranching to know that you were a part of history. However you will be remembered for standing on the fence failing to act!

The song says, “Get up, stand up, and don’t give up the fight.” Believe it or not we still have a responsibility to this generation and the next to get up and stand up and fight. We are responsible to turn on the light that will lead this generation to a freedom that will last for eternity! Having done all to stand; stand in the freedom that you have been given.

This is the digital generation! We can’t get away from it; everyone is involved in some sort of media. If we are not equipped to meet the challenges of the future, a whole generation would have moved on leaving us behind. It is time to get involved! Don’t just sit there; do something!

Get involve, get motivated, make the best use of the opportunities you are blessed to have. Before I stray too far from what was intended, let me get back to the topic. As I see it there is a crisis and a great majority of us are leaning on the fence watching to see who will make the next move. May I remind us that time is slowly slipping away while the motor of change is racing to a destination of eternity with lost humanity!

It is time to shake ourselves and wake up to the cause; Let your light shine and then the darkness will disappear. Remember; get up stand up, stand up with the light! Don’t be deterred by what society accepts as the norm. Stand up and be the true light that shines in darkness. Men of destiny, it’s time to take up the torch and break the pitcher and shout. The Lord has given you the victory but we will not win the fight by standing on the fences. To all I would like to sound the alarm; the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Don’t just pray that the Lord of the harvest send forth laborers; Jump into the vineyard and be a reaper!

Get up and stand up, stand up with the light. Get up, stand up and don’t give up the fight!