The Power of influence

The art of persuasion is the power to influence. To persuade is get someone to the place of being convinced of what you are doing is what will lead them in the direction of comparable favor. On the other hand it could also be the art of disfavor. However I would like to shed more light on the positive than the negatives.

What is the power of influence? It is the application of power to carry out specific purpose. Let’s take our conversation to the positive side of the fence so that I can influence you in a positive direction. For as long as I can remember there has been a technique used in this art that helps to accomplish this goal. Some are gifted and are able without much effort to accomplish their task thereby exerting their influence to challenge their course and win arguments, debates and special favors.

In my observation of this topic, I have come to the realization that this is inexhaustible; unlimited imagination of the vast wealth of information that could be rendered. However I would be wise and use the kiss acronym. If you are a reader of the word no doubt you would have come across the conversation between Paul and the King Agrippa in which he responded to Paul: you almost persuade me to be a Christian! He was influence to become a Christian only that he refused and put if off for some other convenient time. However Paul was able to use the power of persuasion to influence him to make a decision.

May I ask this question? What is the power of your influence? Are you able to convince anyone to the point of making an impact that will change their behavior? Isn’t that what we do every day when we try to change someone’s mind? Decisions are made every day solely on the fact of being influence by friends, family, the church or other close relations. We may try to use logic but it will only work if you are able to get the other person to think like you or at least subscribe to your way of thinking. How does one do that? It might be a mystery but it can create arguments that leave an abstract build up of negative feeling that defeat the purpose of influence in the right direction.

Thinking of the changes that are taking place in our society I would ask; how are we being influence in making decisions that affects our daily lives? Looking at this statement we see the power of persuasion at work influencing us to vote, make life changing decisions or giving our loyalty to one group or the other. We are convinced by words that we belong to the right group, class or societal class. However being able to reach out in a more sociable way will cause us to be more influential than trying to do so through logic.

In accomplishing our gold to influence others we use socialization: appealing to relationships, playing on the intelligence of others to set the stage for the launching pad of our dreams. Too many times I have heard the saying, “if you want to create an impact and accomplish you goals you have to socialize.” This might be so and I agree. The best way to influence is to appeal to relationship. In other words people feel more comfortable relating to other they know and can trust. Friend influence friends; we create bonds with each other and form groups with ties that is hard to be broken when united. The way to use the power of influence is to build relationships through trust and the use of technical persuasion.

Do you know that influence is built through socializing? In business contracts are written and signed into agreement because the techniques used in socializing and appealing to relationship. When we go to a meeting, we often hear the term “meet and greet” those time are used to create friendship which will lead to familiarizing with others in like-minded areas of interest. A relationship is started through introduction and bonding is made that will cause favor to follow.

Within the Christian circle influence are formed through appealing to values and modeling. What do I mean by this? Appealing to values; now we are talking about morals, having the same like-mindedness. As stated earlier we can influence more easily when we share the same interest. We tend to see each other point of view. That is why denomination and religions are formed. Through the power of influence we are able to persuade others to the direction we want them to go. If we set the right tone, modeling the right behavior; your life will be the catalyst for change in the eyes of the beholder. More than anything, what you model is what will create an impact that can create change.

As I write about the power of influence it would be remiss of me not to mention some negatives to this power if used in the wrong. There is no doubt that we see the result of this failure. Take for instance gangs in our neighborhood. Why are so many youths pledging their loyalty to such groups? Somewhere and somehow they are being hauled into these groups by those who would take the time to influence them in that direction. We see the impact of drugs where everyone wants to bling. These behaviors persuade some to go after things that will harm their future, disrupt families and cause negative impact on society. Is this the right channel for their behavior; no, but it is the place where they feel accepted because of the relationship and bonds that are being forge. There it is demonstrated negative influences that causes harm which leads to a life of misery.

No doubt we are aware of the manipulations, intimidation and treats that are forced on those groups yet they chose to be a part of that because as they would say it is part of the family. I would like to make a statement that it is time to awake the sleeping giant which is the church. Break down the walls of religion and exert your influence in our society to harness a change which will bring a revival to this nation and the world. Use the power of influence to create a domino effect which could be remembered just like the great reformation!