I am resolve

Throughout the ages men and women have set goal for themselves; though we try to be true to our goals, sometimes we fail. These are sometimes set in stone with the determination that it will succeed no matter the result. The intentions are good and the motives are pure and efforts are made to propel us to the finish line. With this New Year upon us, are we able to keep those goals? Do we give up when the dust is settled and time has elapses and resolutions are forgotten? Let’s make this year be a year of triumph when we reflect twelve months from now on a job well done as we celebrate in triumph.

As we come to the dawn of a new era, seasons come and go and in this New Year many will resolve to fulfill their hearts desire. Though it is a genuine gesture it is one that is hard to keep without strong self-determination. I remember promising to be a world changer. How did I do? Well because of my faith in Christ, I believe that I have accomplished part of my goal by being involved in the work of God and spreading the good news of salvation to men/ women. As I reflect on my promise I have not accomplished all I intend to do however I am still on my way to the destination and in time my goal will be accomplished. I am resolved to continue on this path to fulfillment!

I am resolved to continue to take this message of hope to those who are willing to hear. To resolve is to make a firm decision about something. It causes a person to reach a decision or decide about something. Making a new year’s resolution should not be taken lightly. Many have made such decisions and are successful while other started but have fallen out by the way.

It is always a challenge to face the unknown but when you have faith in the Great Supreme one you can face anything with confidence of a brighter tomorrow. You can resolve that this New Year will be at year of great success for you. Reflect on the pass, look at what did not do right and think of ways to correct them. Remove the doubts and fears; failure is not final. It is OK to fail it’s your guide post for success. However failure is not an option! Speak words of blessings over yourselves. Say I can and I will instead of I can’t and I won’t.

In order to make a decision you have to make a determination. You will have to develop firmness of purpose; decide on a fixed purpose and be deliberate in your actions to see it through.

What are you resolve to do? Express an opinion! Get involved in areas where you can make worthwhile contributions. Never fail to speak up for the right cause; bring an end to societal ills and become an ambassador for change. This year twenty fourteen is full of promise and hope let us all resolve to change the world one person at a time. Spread the love, change the world and all mankind! I am resolve!