Walking in the Shadows

A shadow is an area where direct light from a light source cannot reach due to obstruction by an object. It occupies all the space behind an opaque object with light in front of it. The cross sections of a shadow are a two-dimensional silhouette, or reverse projection of the object blocking the light. The sun causes many objects to have shadows and at certain times of the day, when the sun is at certain heights, the lengths of shadows change. (Wiki)

Walking in the shadow means that you become an opaque object of the one who is in front of you. This is fruit for thought but it is a fact that we don’t like to be shadowed by anyone. Everyone likes to be their own person; no one likes to walk in the shadows of another. To walk in the shadow of someone is to be in subjection to them. You are never in the light therefore you are feeling subdued. Subjection can cause negative and impulsive reaction which would lead to contradictions. When walking in someone’s shadows it can create questions of self-worth; feeling of low self-esteem or lost identity. However if you know your purpose in life, it can be an honor to walk in the shadow of the one you look up to; it can be your training ground for success!

Shadows are not invisible; even when it is caused by blockage of light from the sun, its presence is very-much noticeable. In human terms we don’t like to be held back; we view second place as being a lesser than or some sort of handicap to our achievements in life. However walking in the shadows is a sign of upward mobility. It could be a place of mentoring needed to take you to your next level of your journey through life. You might consider this thought and wondering how this could be. I will explain! Just think of it this way; everyone cannot be first but that does not mean you are less important. The body consists of many members but all have a different role to play. If the head with its entire ingenious make up decide to take a break then the body is shut down. However if the foot or the mouth decide to take a break as much as the head is in control the function would be limited. Such is being in the shadows. Every part is important and is a support for the others success!

I am not sure if we are prepared for a life in the shadows. The reason is, it seem that everyone is racing along to be number one; when this goal is not met, we all feel like failures. Society has thought us wrong and left us with a feeling of guilt because of under achievements. Could it be that you were born to be a source of strength to your leader? Just think of it this way, success does not come without help from someone! Some of us are late bloomers; we would not have made it too early in the spotlight therefore we had to stay hidden from the light until that moment of maturity. We might not have been in the light but we were developed to withstand the heat!

A shadow is a place of comfort. You aren’t overwhelmed with responsibility; you have the easy task of helping those in the light. You can walk along beside the light without being exposed. You are a helper therefore you are a part of the success that comes to the light. When you dwell in the shadows you are at a place of rest. Direct responsibility does not rest solely on you. However you have the job of bearing the load of the light when it shines through.

Someone in the shadows might be just or even more qualify than the one in the light but it is wise to be subjected to the one in the light. It is our responsibility to learn while in the shadows.

David as we know him was living in the shadows for many years but he did not complain and asks why I am here in this place. He was content where he was. It was his place of learning. In the midst of the shadows he learned to fight and he learned to play the harp. The time came when he was exposed to the light; he was prepared; he help a nation conquered a giant and a king find comfort in the midst of disturbances. For him it became a time for reflection and refreshing. He rested in the fact and comfort that the time in the shadows was well spent moments of preparation. Great people have to sometimes walk in the shadows before their light shines forth.

As I reflect on this thought I see walking in the shadows as a place of higher calling. There is no need to hate but a need for celebration. Think of it as a promotion to something bigger than yourself and be prepared to hold the reign of your calling and promotion. When David was drawn out of the shadows and placed into the light, life for him took on a whole new meaning. He had to run and hide for years because his haters did not want him around. However he was thoroughly prepared in the shadows for what would happen when he was placed into the light. He stepped into the light but he remained subjected to the light! Being out from under the shadow does not mean you lose all respect for the light; it is a place of higher calling, a place for new challenges a place for success.

You have been trained while walking in the shadows; your path have been made clear and I am sure you have become aware of the many pitfalls along the way as you observed. Now it is time for you to take up the mantle of change just like Elisha and lead the way.