Surviving the storm

It is a system of disturbances which occurs within the atmospheric condition. This is strong weather with disturbing result that affects us all. Storms are marked by wind, thunder, lightning or freezing ice and rain etc. However hard it is to imagine, we all go through then with its strains of negative impact on lives and property.   A storm is a system that leaves a mark on our lives forever; let’s be prepared to survive the storm.

I can remember years ago going through a storm. This was no ordinary storm because it left a mass of destruction in its path. The thing is, as the storm was passing, it seems so weird; we all were afraid as many folks were crying out for help. I could hear the many emergency calls coming in over the CB Radio but I could do nothing to help. After hours of pounding there was a sudden calm and everywhere was bright. We were relieved, we thought the storm had passed but it was just the beginning. The eye brought the calm but the end was more devastating.

There is a saying; “when the storms of life are raging stand by me.” It has been a long while but we knew it was coming. It does not matter how much you grew accustom to it, there is always something within that says, I am not ready for this! Storms are inevitable but we do not want to be caught off guard. However ready or not when it comes it come and its presence is always felt and result sometimes devastating.

With the advent of the New Year I was hoping for another laid back season without too much changing in the atmosphere but it was not too long before we were listening and looking at the media as they gave us snap shots of the weather. We all grimed at the site of seeing the harsh effect of the winter weather and pity those who had to endure the harshness of Nature. The talk was all around us; the question of when it will end. For years the season was not much to complain about until it all changed. Another day of the winter blast and headline news; we all had to endure. It came fast and furious; we bundled up wearing more clothes than we ever did. Now we understand what it is to see seasons change! Whichever way it goes we must fight to survive. This is what life is all about!

In life we will face storms of a different kind. However we can be prepared for the result of what will come our way. There are mini storms and maxi storms; how you face them will help to strengthen or weakens your resolve. The darkness of the storms can cast a damper on your future but it will be the light of the Son who will turn it around. The word is, “cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you.” We have face storms; be it cold or hot, tornadoes or hurricane the will to survive will propel you through and change the situation in the right direction.

Have you ever face a storm in your life? I imagine many folks have! In times like these there are words of comfort and words that sometimes make us uneasy. I know a man who had to face some storms in his life. He was a dynamic messenger of God. However when the storm of life caught up with him he ran for cover. One day he was this awesome leader and another day he was hiding. Storms will make or break you.

You might be facing your storms of life but take courage the Master of the storm is always there to hold and guide you! Why worry? Cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you!