Are you part of the team?

The team is composed of people with common goals and ideals or purpose. They should complement each other. When you form a team it is a part of a very complex organization which come together to tackle common issues and create solution to whatever their task, goals or vision. The goal of the team should always be to win, to carry out successful task with strategies that reflect results that are tangible.

In life there are different types of team. However which one you might be attracted to is a matter of choice. There are independent teams and interdependent teams. The concept is what sets them apart; how we view them depends on our ideal of the team and the spirit with which we become attached. In my view teams should set themselves apart from the ordinary! They should be focus and steadfast and diligent in what they do. Be it independent or interdependent.

We all know of the power of sports and the individualistic nature in which we become ingrained with our support for the same. Everybody wants their team to win however it takes support and team spirit and effort for them to win. With much organization and guidance from a coach and manager the team will succeed. However team spirit is also important! If the members of the team is not in harmony and conflict is brewing there will chaos and division. This in itself will be the downfall of any structure since coöperation will be a thing of the past.

What are the qualities of a good team and how do we judge what we see or know about a team? I must take a look at a team that we might tend to overlook but I am most interested in knowing much about. Please pardon my bias but I choose to use this information for my reference. For three and a half years this fellow built a ministry and chooses twelve men who would go with him as trainee for future mission. How did they do? I would say very well under the circumstance which they work. These men were from different background and social status but they were able to put their differences aside and look at the bigger picture.  They created such influence that it is still impacting the world today. They were interdependent and they knew the art of being a team player.  However looking back on their influence, they accomplished such because of their team leader and their willingness to carry out the task assigned. These men acted with confidence and were willing to learn everything.

Whenever you have to choose a team member I believe it is important to look for persons who will fit the makeup of the team. Ask yourself; what are the qualities that fit the organization? Depending on what is to be accomplished you would make your choice base on the information that was presented.

First and foremost I would pick someone who I can count on; someone who is reliable and committed; one who follows through and finishes assignments. I was a part of a band that plays music; one of my greatest disappointments was dealing with members who were not committed. When there is no commitment it retard progress and eventually leads to abandonment of the vision.

If you want to be a good team player and a leader, you have to be willing to speak up and express your thoughts and ideas clearly, honestly, and with respect for others. In other words you have to communicate constructively!

I know this is an era when everyone wants to be heard and we are all clamoring for first place but you have to be willing to listen. Be a good listener! When I go on the job and I am given an assignment by the boss, I listen actively to understand the instructions given. Don’t be quick to hear and slow to listen because you could miss the mark and fold up the instructions given. There are times when because of lack of understanding and communication arguments brews that could have been avoided if the team was actively listening.  Listening first and speaking second helps to creates meaningful dialogues.

Looking back at the twelve men who turn the world upside down, one thing could be said of them; they were active participants. They followed instructions and fully engaged in the work of leading men and women to their leader. They help to make things happen; they were not sitting on the side line waiting to see who would make the first move. They shared everything in common. They were gatherers together and not separators. It was we and us instead of me and I!

Take a look at the contrast. Independent teams don’t accomplish as much. Yes, they try and some have made huge success of their independence but you must always remember the saying: Two is better than one because if the other falls someone is there to pick him up! I would like to endorse the interdependent team because it helps to create a unique atmosphere for coöperation, progress and responsibility!

It might be said that they were only men of low esteem but they stock with their leader and help to make things happen. They traveled far and wide delivering the message of hope and love turning lives upside down. The crowd followed their every move some were even fed when there was not enough food to feed the crowd.

They cooperated in the work acting together to carry out the task they had to fulfill. I am sure they had their differences but they push those aside to make a difference with the team. They help to solve problems and stay in tune with their leader even under much pressure. As team players they remained flexible and adoptive to change! They were committed and engaged and they gave their very best.

My question is as always; are you a part of the team? This is the time to think about your commitment and get up off the fence to join forces. We are an army of survivors marching to the finish line. The battle is raging but the victory has already been won so join the team and take control of your destiny!