My Tribute to Mothers

In our global community there is one thing that we all have in common. We do not think of this as commerce however it affects us all in ways that is beyond comprehension. Way back in creation when God created man in His image and likeness, he saw the loneliness of man and it touched his heart. He devised a plan to fill the lonely heart with the advent of a woman. He took His tools and with great artistry He weaved the contours of his mastery and came up with the shape of beauty and delight. After the presentation it was declared very well. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from you had the making of this artistry because you got here through a woman. I therefore would like to honor mothers of every nation language and tongue!

Times and seasons will change, things come and go but one thing is constant; the love of a mother! I will not try to debate the pros and the cons of other reasoning because I would like to keep it simple and give honor where it is due. Mothers are beautiful creation; nothing can replace their thoughtfulness, their comforting nature and their willingness to stand when everyone else abandon you!

Let’s cut to the chase; they come in every size and shape; they are armed with the sword of a warrior, the eyes of an eagle and the comfort of a pillow; they are our mothers. Hearing their voices in times of trouble gives us comfort. We hate to have them around when we are being rebuked or scolded. However they will fight as a lion to keep our dignity even when we are wrong. Mothers are from far and near, they span the globe; every color, background and race but they all face the same challenges and the same fears.

In every society and socio-economic background they have done their part to keep society on the right track. Working tirelessly at home while facing the terror of a boss or husband yet never giving up but ready to take up the next challenge however strenuous. Giving honor one day of the year is what the system establishes; I would say let it be for a month, let this tribute be felt every day and everywhere.

A mother is a woman with the heart of a lion the strength of a tiger and the gentleness of a dove. She will go to the length to bless you but please don’t get on her wrong side because she will curse you and eat you alive to protect her own. Between her hips and her lips there could be the start of a war or the love of your life. Treat her kindly and you have nothing to worry about!

They are a pot of gold a media shower and a bundle of roses! She is God’s creation with amazing power and influence. She can multitask without complaining yet cares for everyone without demand. Mothers you are beautiful; it’s now more than time to have life your way. Thank you mothers for all you do and for who you are. Be bless!