Facing Your Fears

God did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind. How do you face your fears? It is true that we all face fears at some point and time in our lives. If we do not let go of those fears it can cripple us. The world would be a better and more productive place had it not been for people with fears of the future or fears of the past. There is a quote that I often hear; “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” This is profound but really true! Can you imagine the things you did not do, the opportunities lost because you fear what will happen if…? Cowards are birth and bullies exist because of fears. They put the world communities in turmoil and neighborhoods at risk because they fail to stand up and face their fears. They prefer to act it out under the assumption being tough while trembling and crying out for help on the inside.

Why are we so fearful when there is nothing to fear but fear itself? I would reflect this thought in the lyrics of a song I recently came across: The question that is post by this writer is: “And your living with a secret that will cut you to the bone; and you have lived in shackles that you’ve worn too long. You visualize a tragedy that you buried long ago and you’ll never know; it seems somehow, you were wrong.”

The writer continues: “And you must turn and face your fear; Go beneath the skin to the child within. Turn and face your fear you will never see what is meant to be. You medicate yourself with something so you can explore. You’ve lost your mind and soon you’re going to lose your soul.”

As I have discovered; it was so rightly stated, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Do you remember as a child how you use to fear everything around you? Now you are grown it seems so incredible ridiculous but at the moment it was all you knew. Walking in the dark with the moon lit night you became afraid of your own shadow not realizing it will follow you where ever you go. The sound of your clothe making noise became the object of terror until you get into the light and relax to see it was only the things that you carry with you everywhere you go.

My question in light of this is how do you face your fears? The challenge is before you but it is you who will have to beat the challenge and face the fears. As you think things through, you would realize that things aren’t all what they seem. Think things through and don’t carry your fears with you. Come face to face with your thinking and ask yourself; what is it I fear?You would be surprise to know that there’s nothing much to fear.

How about starting your business? Are you looking at the impossibilities instead of the possibilities? So you have put off those assignments telling yourself I will do it tomorrow! That’s just another excuse for burying your fears of failure. You will never reach your goal or conquer the next challenge because you can only see the mountain through your eyes. As time passes by the mountain you thought you saw was a level surface camouflage by the mental slavery of your mind. It is time to rise up and look at what you fear; take a leap into the dark and you will discover that you have landed on solid ground! Just face your fears!

Let’s look at things we fear as young men growing up. How about asking a girl for your first date? Well you might have been a giant in that area but for me it was a task as big as killing a giant. I had to plan multiple times and still failed. It was like walking through a torture chamber but it was a fear I had to conquer. I had to get into the conquering zone and visualize success. I had to take a look at my fears and take a hold of it.

Fear for the most part is learned! We weren’t born with fear, it project itself upon us because of what we learned from seeing or doing. I believe that in order for you to conquer your fears, you have to expose yourself to be ridiculous, talk about your fears and live in the moment. What do I mean by expose you to be ridiculous? Don’t be shy take up the challenge and expect to be ridiculed. After all is said and done you would realize that it was only you and no one else that feared that situation that you faced. When you are getting to the point of fear, take some time out and think of your accomplishments; ask yourself how I got there. Answering this question honestly will assure you that there is nothing to fear.

There are times when you will have to fake it until you make it. By this I mean, you might be gasping for air just to say or do the things that you would like to carry out but you have made up your mind you will not be held back because of fear. Remember those girls you loved and wanted to ask out, how did you fare after all that fear? Now she is your wife or girlfriend; now you think that you have conquered the world! But what if the fears did prevail?

Peter and the disciples were in moments of fear! He saw the Lord coming walking on the water; they were afraid. He looked at the situation and decides that he wanted more so he dared to venture outside the boat and took his chances. They were on the sea traveling from one place to the next; their master was not with them because he sent them out while he took some time to pray alone. There was a storm and Jesus came walking on the water but they thought it was a ghost and was afraid. Peter decided to face his fear so he cried out; Lord if it is you let me come walking the water and he did but because of fear he begun to sink. He cried Lord save me! He had to face his fears!

What will it take to conquer your fears? The word says, trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will direct your path. This is the first step in conquering your fears and living a victorious life. Take the leap today and face your fears. The future holds many promises but you will have to take that leap of faith! Face your fears and become a contributor to what is productive and secure.