Let The Music Play

I thought it was clear. The plan was we would share this feeling Just between ourselves, But when the music changed the plan was re-arranged. He went to dance with someone else. We started dancing and love put us into a groove but now he’s with somebody new. What does love want me to do? Love said, Let the music play, Let the music play! He won’t get away. He tried pretending; a dance is just a dance but I see He’s dancing his way back to me. Guess he’s discovered we are truly lovers. Magic from the very start ‘Cause love just kept me groovin’ and he felt me movin’ Even though we danced apart. (Shannon: Let the music play)

Times have change; we are living in an era when adaptability is a must if we are to stay current in the midst of social change. While the message has not change, the method most certainly will have to if we want to reach this young and hip generation with the gospel. How do you fish if the bait you use is of no interest to the fish? Certainly it must be something that attracts the subject which causes them to be hooked with the bait. Yes! The music that is being played is a new era of music that would cause the older generations to turn in their grave if they wake up to the sound of what we call gospel in today’s pop culture.

It’s the turn of the centre; it is amazing to see how far we have come. Technology rules; this generation is caught up in a trance. A trance I would say because it is so easy to be caught off guard by what we view to be right without examining the true reasoning behind the things we are aligned to. Yes! Let the music play but please don’t dance the light away. The sound will be no more; everything will cease to be; only those who survive the fire will stand the test of time!

I am not trying to be critical of what I am hearing but to be honest; it is sometimes disturbing to listen with an open mind. How much word do these rappers have in then when putting their lyrics together? Who do they emulate? Are they conscious of the fact that they are representing Christ and not just their desire for fame or fortune? My message to this hip generation; be mindful of the tunes you create and let it also be a reflection of the word in you.  Be the salt and light shining in a dark world. Make the most of the moment but be a shining star as you reach out to your generation. I would urge you to let the music play but don’t dance the light away!

You may suggest that I am against the rap or dub music. I am not! I listen regularly and am pleased for the most part. It is wonderful that there is a way to reach the masses who are not church goers. They are the unchurched who do not know what it is to be a Christian. Without us stepping into their territory, they will never know or come face to face with the God we serve. We have a message of grace that is none traditional reaching them where they are without tainting the good news of the gospel. Therefore I say let the music play! However there are times when I would have to send out an SOS to the lyrics that follow the music. I believe in words that are clear with the message as it is intended. There should be no cloud about what is being translated.

The time has come when your identity will be made clear. There are no more covers, the curtain has been unveiled. Everyone is coming out and standing for what they believe. Why not you? Should we be hiding in the dark with a cloud of suspicion trying to identify who we are? It is time to stand; having done all to stand and be proud of whom you are! Let the music play and let true worship begin.

Can this be base on worship; reaching into the heart and soul of the one who hears it? We are battle weary but the victory has been assured. There is no need to relent, we must forge ahead; there’s no turning back. It is just the way it is! Everything is different in changing times and seasons. Like it or not we will have to embrace it. Let’s secure our future by teaching the word so that this pop culture can be equipped to carry the message through the medium they know.

For us we worship in a different mode but it all summed up to be the same. What does God think of these scenarios; does He really care? With our heart filled with worship giving honor to His name; the tunes might be different but it all summed up to be the same. Let the music play and give glory to his name.

Let the music play! Breathe life into me. I am always willing to listen so that I will never be the same. I only want to give you honor and worship your holy name. Let the songs be true and the music plain as I give glory to your name. I am sending this message out to all who would listen; let’s give Him praise. Condemnation will try to hold you like a prisoner in chains; when all is said and done it all will be changed. Let the music play giving glory to his name.


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