Who is standing next to you?

You embark on a mission to discover new things and new challenges; you make decisions that impact others. How do you prepare for such task; who do you rely on to help or guide you along the way?  It might be complicated to say the least. Stepping out is not an easy undertaking especially when you venture into the unknown. It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. However plotting the strategy or charting the course will lead to a road map that will help guide you to your destination.  Many tried and fail because of the lack of technical knowhow, the wrong approach or method of pursuit. One should never be afraid to seek help when embarking on a journey especially when it is yet unknown.

The choices you make and the things you are attached to will define the outcome for success or failure. It is very important that you seek the right relationship if you want to move ahead with your dreams and aspirations. Alignment is important in most adventure; who do you align yourself to? Who is your partner? Who is standing next to you?

The one standing next to you; the one in the inner circle should be supportive and challenge you. To be your best you need strong support. No man is an island therefore a support system is a great way to help in shaping your resolve. Get with the right source and choose the right connection for success.

There are moments when we need a hand to guide us through the maze of this journey. However your inner circle should be those you can trust to help you when you are down, those who would not mind sharing you vulnerability. Who is standing next to you says a lot about who you are! What is your support system; who do you count on to bear you up? Strong men and women need someone who will stand with them. It does not matter how self-reliant they may seem, they need help none the less.

This is a very provocative topic but it is important who is standing next to you. There will always be people around. Life is made of constant intermingling; it seems to be the way to succeed socially and in business. Getting that big contract or signing that deal sometime depends on who you know, who is in your inner circle. However this could also be the path to failure if the wrong person is part of your connection. This is the reason for the question: who is standing next to you?

This is worth examining because having the wrong connection can cost and hinder you from reaching your true potentials. Some folks believe that great leaders are born while on the opposite spectrum others say they are made. However much needs to be said to the success of a great leader. Everyone sees the person in the front line without looking at the back. This is something that is very common and we often take for granted. Have you ever stop to consider that the person at the top or the one who is playing the leading role could not be effective without the backing of the team?

Let’s us use the analogy of a sports team. Everyone cheers for their favorite player; this is great however where would that player be if it wasn’t for the defense or line backer? It is an important combination sticking together for the success of the whole. There are times when people try to make it alone without a support system in place only to be confronted with obstacles that are unmanageable.

Let’s just cut to the chase, we all need emotional support. Giving comfort and showing us love in moments when we are down. Support comes from a wife, husband, fiancé or others you look to for help. Check your pulse and see who is standing next to you. You need support; this helps to improve self-esteem. We all struggle at some time but just the right words from the right person goes a long way towards helping in the process of recovery; it helps in getting our confidence to the right level.

When you are with the right connection it helps you to excel. Informational support is a must. Have you ever ask yourself how do I move along from the point where you are to the place you want to be? Sometimes it seems very restrictive to say the least. Is the one standing next to you able to give you guidance and the right advice? You not only need good advice but you also need tangible support; someone who can help you with the task.

As I think of who is standing next to you as a topic for this blog, I am reminded of two characters in the bible Elijah and Elisha. At one time Elisha had Gehazi standing next to him but it turn out to be a distraction after a while. He proved to be untrustworthy. He did not serve the interest of Elisha and had to be removed. Had he remained it would bring disaster on the prophet and hinder his work going forward. If the wrong person is standing next to you it is important to remove them before you are affected.

Looking at the other end of the spectrum, Elisha was a person of like-mindedness. When approached by Elijah, he immediately got rid of all he had that would hinder him from fulfilling his obligations. He set out to follow Elijah even when he asked not to. He was dedicated to the relationship. He was not in the spotlight but he was content to stand next to the one he was helping. When you stand with greatness you eventually become great. The mantle was passed on to Elisha who carried on the work of the man of God. The question is what would have happened if Gehazi did remain faithful to the cause? History might have been written differently. Who is standing next to you say a lot about you therefore get the right person with the right motive for being next to you.

Make good choices when you are venturing out. Don’t just be caught in emotional euphoria. Time is too short to make wrong choices that could affect your destiny. Choose who you want next to you and make the most out of life.