For millions of us it is despicable to think that in a world of such enlightenment there are those who would still try to enslave us to their ideals. We focus on terrorist; we spend billions trying to defeat them only to see them survive the blast of guns and missals eluding capture from the powerful and mighty. We colorized the system to alert us to the dangers of the moment sending signals that sometime confuses our mind.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue and green are the alert sent to keep us aware of the dangerous possibilities. This is the Homeland Security Advisory System; the means to give information about the risk of terrorist acts to Federal, State and local authorities and to the American people. Sometimes we listen but it is not really sinking in? With the money and the mite of a nation of power we take things for granted.

While it is my intent to stay alert to the threats and dangers that looms on the horizon, we all face a greater danger that is prevalent among us. The colors of the system which engages us to think has forgotten about the one danger that we face and are threatening to put us on a path of self-destruction from within.

Black is not known as a code; it is not given as a terror alert threat. However it is high on the list for alert in our neighborhood, cities and towns. It is on the news constantly and it has become a common cry. Another black is being gun down by the law enforcement officers without any consequences to their barbaric acts. There are no justice and no penalty being faced by those who commit these despicable acts of injustice to the one they swore to serve and protect.

In our society code black is used to describe a situation in which a deceased person is admitted to an ER. It is also an emergency involving personal threats to safety of one or more persons in a hospital or other public places. While this includes assaults, confrontations, hostage situation and threats of personal injury or attacks, this is just another code that describes “Blacks” and the threats we face each day.

In lithe of the trends that are prevailing in our nation it is impossible to think of the past gains for social justice and the trends which threaten to reverse those gains. To those who would take the time to make things right and be of an asset to their communities I would say thank you! However there are those who are bent on destruction; whose goal it seems is to bring back the wild, Wild West of anarchy and bigotry. They have become trigger happy and ready to shoot without notice. This is what we face! Can anyone forbid us to take a stand against barbarians? A new alert needs be added to the terror threats system! # Code-black! We should not be left to fend for ourselves being killed at random without the notice of the Home Land Security. A new code needs to be added; this will help us to be aware of the dangers before another young life is taken. #code Black! Let us join in the chorus and echo the sentiments of the masses; “Hands up don’t shoot; I can’t breathe!”

Not all Law Enforcement Officers are on a path to terror and bigotry; many are loving, caring and committed to their job of serve and protect. I do not support the brutal assignation that has taken place. They are somebody’s son, Husband, father, brother, nephew children, grandsons and in-laws.

Let us all unite to eradicate the conflict of distrust and promote peace and justice for all! However until we are noticed, unless there are alerts we cannot sit idly by while ignoring the dangers that is upon us. We need a code to alert us; we will stand for what is right and just! # Code- black.

It is not a joke; we are facing extinction. Who will help stop the bleeding? I believe it is important to stand together with one voice just like freedom fighters in the pass. They marched, suffered abuse, were beaten and humiliated for the cause of justice for all. Where are the voices of those who have gained from the struggle? To those who have gained from affirmative action, you are sitting under the umbrella of freedom from those who have paid the price. “Wake-up; it will not be too long before you lose what you thought you have gained!” Join the march for freedom and justice for all!  #Code-Black!