The Attitude of Gratitude

Have ever stop to think for a moment of the many blessings and favor that is being bestowed on you? You wake up each day; you enjoy the sunrise and the breath of fresh air. Did you think that this just happens? I know that we all get frustrated and sometimes throw a tantrum because we think that we are entitled to the good things in life. How about taking the time to say thanks? Express an attitude of gratitude; thank your creator for helping you to see another day.

We have stepped into another year and another month we are forever grateful for Gods’ guiding hands that led us through the old and now into the new. I know it might seem strange to write this blog at this time when one month has pass but to be grateful does not have restriction on time. We are grateful always. The word says in everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning us!

We can look back at the past and see all the things that did not go right, or exactly how we planned them. Do you always live in the past and only recognize the negatives? Let us not live the life of the six-o-clock news always sharing bad reports to boast our rating!  Just the thought of us still being in the land of the living, it’s enough for us to be grateful. Adopt an attitude of gratitude stay positive and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. You can do it!

What can gratitude do for you? Many have faced this question; there are many answers but I would like to state my case. Gratitude can shift your mindset. When you become grateful, your life will change or you will. Don’t think of the things that are wrong and the situation that you cannot change. Move beyond your circumstance and embrace change; push yourself to change. Become self motivated and remove the mental clutter in your mind. Open your eyes; see and smell the roses. You will discover the positive energy that comes your way when you develop an attitude of gratitude. Be a happier you!

Gratitude creates solutions to problem before they surface. Have you ever thought of ways to a good approach when you know it might not be accepted? There are times when no matter what you do it never seems good enough and you are always laid in the balance and found wanting. Stop the complaints; plant seeds of thankfulness and watch it grow. Take a long and deep look within and be prepared to make changes if you must. Don’t forget the keys to the attitude of gratitude starts within. You can change your surroundings by what you choose to display. You can build barriers or clear a path to success through an attitude of gratitude.

Having an attitude of gratitude can become contagious! Expressing gratitude can make you appreciate others. It is also causes others to appreciate you and what you do. A person who is grateful gives off positive energy. They are easy to be around; others draw from their energy and wholesome relationships are made. In this situation it is important to watch your words carefully so that the wrong message is not conveyed.

Why do I have to be grateful? When you are grateful you will become a happier person living in content no matter where life takes you. No doubt your relationship will improve and you will be more productive. You see a thing in the positive light. There are no need to look at the glass half empty; you see beyond the horizon; you look and reach for the stars you explore the hidden stratosphere. The word is: when I consider the heaven the work of thy fingers the moon and the stars you have made, what in man that you are mindful of him. Just thinking of this is enough to be grateful.

I would like to share a thought I came across recently on the net. This is reason enough to stay positive and create an attitude of gratitude. (“While several factors go into emotional resilience and optimism, studies show that cultivating a sense of gratitude can help you maintain a more positive mood in daily life and contribute to greater emotional well-being and bring social benefits as well. Cultivating is one of the simpler routes to a greater sense of emotional well-being, higher overall life satisfaction, and a greater sense of happiness in life. People with a greater level of gratitude tend to have stronger relationships in that they appreciate their loved ones more, and their loved ones, feeling that appreciation, tend to do more to earn it. And because those who happier, sleep, and enjoy healthy relationships tend to be healthier, grateful people tend to be healthier people.”)

This year twenty fifteen is being dubbed the year of positive turn around; spiritual, emotional and physical break through. Let us all shake off the old; the things of the past and look towards a dynamic future with hope and resilience. Adopt an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Life is too short to allow minor distractions! Be grateful!