I believe in me

Every day and in many ways we are looking for something or someone to believe in. We are never satisfied being alone, we need someone to validate us. We all need something to hold on to. The search is on for that moment or that someone who would bring us that satisfaction that peace of mind.  We look for that perfect situation or that ideal location; we need to be believed and we go through great deal of trouble trying to fit in. Sometime in our lives we need someone to lean on; the question is how much we really need another person to validate us. This is just another longing of the human soul. When we are alone and cannot find ourselves we turn to the closest thing for happiness, peace and comfort. Is there anything to hold on to; is there anything to find comfort in?

We have that inherent want to be believed in. Who can I trust in a relationship on in our everyday encounters? No doubt we have met heart-break at some point or time in life so we become insulated and cut off from trust of any kind. How about believing in who you are? No matter the accomplishments, the fame or success, life can be empty without someone to share our dreams and realities. However when it come to the true picture of ourselves, we need to be able to believe in ourselves. Believe in me!

How about having the confidence to step out and away from the norm! Set goals to follow, be the exception and not the rule. Throw your head back and hold your hands high and shout at the top of your lungs, I believe in me!  In so many ways we all seem to be holding on trying to find ourselves. We try to compete with society while looking for answers that we cannot find or so we thought. When life is in a shamble and everyone walk away, who do you turn to in times of need and frustration? Have you ever stop to think that you are your greatest asset. When no one will give you a chance and you are the only one staring into the mirror what do you do? Just tell yourself, “I believe in me!”

There is no need trying to compete with anyone or trying to live up to others expectation about you. Those expectations could create a sense of false identity, possibilities too hard to reach. What happens when you have tried and still you become weary and frustrated? Why being stuck and still can’t find your way? Don’t try to compete with everyone else; just be yourself and believe in who you are!

Life is too short to be distracted by things or those who set themselves up with negative tones. Believe in who you are! If you do not trust you and if you do not believe in whom you are, or what’s your true potential, who will believe in you? You can set yourself up for success or failure base on what you chose to believe about yourself. You can either see the giant or see yourself as the David with the stone and a sling. However you chose to believe, you will decide your road to success. Don’t waste any time, it’s time to believe in me (you). It is time to eat the grapes! Don’t sit around looking at the impossibilities. Look at the promises of what you have been assured. Are there road blocks in the way? Yes! But your victory has been assured. Take the first step to believe in you even when no one else will.

Here are the lyrics for a song I came across recently. It gave me much to think about. I will share it with you! (Sorry I don’t remember the author of the lyrics). It says: “I’m losing myself trying to compete with everyone else instead of just being me. Don’t know where to turn I’ve been stuck in this routine. I need to change my ways Instead of always being weak. I don’t wanna be afraid I wanna wake up feeling beautiful… today And know that I’m okay Cause everyone’s perfect in unusual ways So you see, I just wanna believe in me.

The mirror can lie. Doesn’t show you what’s inside and it, it can tell you you’re full of life.
It’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile. I’m quickly finding out
I’m not about to break down not today. I guess I always knew that I had all the strength to make it through.”

Everyone is perfect in an unusual way! Do you believe that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made? You were born for such a time as this. Count your worth and don’t give up hope. That’s what the word says! You are one of a kind. There might be imitations but you are unique, one of a kind; you are the original. Often imitated but never duplicated! Be the best you can be and tell you; “I believe in me!”