The Power of Vision

In anticipation of the future and the power that it holds I will build a scenario of my future goals. Being able to look at the situation and in anticipation turning the future outcome into a progressive tool for moving into the new millennium; this is the power of vision.  I am sensing what it will take to move ahead in the future therefore I have the foresight to look and believe that I will succeed at the things I set out to do.

Looking at the common things that we take for granted each day with the impact that it creates will give us a sense of what it is to dream. The power of vision is the driving force behind nation building, be it individualistic or corporate. What does the word says: “Without a vision the people perish.” I would like to add that without a vision the world with all of its great buildings and global forces and economies will come to a stand-still.

Why is vision essential to life? Individuals need it. Corporations need it, Nations need it. Every successful organization needs it. A vision is a driving force for existence! Just imagine building a business, a corporation or anything for that matter without a vision; where would you start? A vision is a road map that leads to your desired destination.  There is a saying; “Eyes that look are common, eyes that see are rare.” When God created man he gave us eyes that see, therefore we walk this planet earth knowing the direction we are heading. Take a look at your vision and see where it is you are heading. Because you can see does not mean that you have vision. Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the heart. When you have a true vision of where you are heading it gives you hope and confidence. This is the power of vision!

The power of vision impacts human history. I can look at the events and accomplishments of the past and see the lasting impact that has been engraved into history because of the vision of one. When our forefathers set out to build this great nation it was because of the vision of someone. They struggled through the pains and discomfort of the moment but look at where we are today. This is because of the positive impact on human history: we have a constitution that we can be proud of and a government of, for and by the people. Debatable or not this is the power of vision!

The magnet for commitment, the motivational stimulus; corporate or individual discipline is the key for great vision. It does not matter who you are, if you set out without a vision you will not get far. You need a compass and a guide to navigate these changing times. There is no need to try being self-reliant because believe or not we all need each other to succeed.

Are you a business person, a wife, student or a president? Whoever you are, your dreams can become a living reality because of the hope that is in you and the vision you carry. Try to discover the purpose in life and understand why vision is important to your destiny. Don’t just exist, develop a plan for your future, set out to overcome the obstacles that you will encounter and don’t be afraid to fail; this is the thing that visionaries are made of. It does not matter how many times you fail the difference is the final outcome; that one time you succeed!

Success does not depend on what others think of you, it is your ability to stick to the task you set out to accomplish. Many have been called nerds because society judge them wrong and did not have eyes to see what they see so they were labeled. Take a look at those nerds; they are the millionaires and billionaires of today because they understand the power of vision.  Your present circumstance might be messed up but that does not matter. You can overcome any obstacle once you develop a specific plan to achieve your purpose. It does not matter where you are or who you are, you can overcome the obstacles that are before you and look through the eyes of success. God has placed in you the power to succeed, the force to accomplish your goals and aspirations through the power of vision.

Don’t look through the vision of the eyes, look through the vision of the heart; that inner spirit that speaks to you. Look into the future and believe in who you are! Put your trust in your creator he will help you to understand the power of vision.