Even though many are horrified at the thought of failing, for generations industries, corporations and people have profited from failure. As I see it, failure is inevitable. We will all fail at something at some point in our lives. The question is, why does it feel so horrible to fail? We have always assume failure should never be a process on the journey to success: or maybe this is something that we carry around hidden in our subconscious state of being! Until recently this is a word that I did not look at favorably. However as I begun to look more closely and ponder the outcome of failure, it makes me think that failure is not that bad after all!

Why do people fail? Have you ever thought of this? Many would be successful at what they do but for the fear of failure. I have just answered my question. Fear is the big enemy most of the time. We like to ask; what if? When we choose to violate a prescribe process or practice the result is failure. I know that I am touching on somethings that might be right up your ally but it is time to do some soul-searching. When we become inattentive we inadvertently deviates from the spec and we fail. Another reason for failure is the lack of ability, the right skills, condition or training. These conditions might not be related to you but nevertheless failure is not such a terrible thing. Always remind yourself; Failure is not final.

There is a saying: if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. This is true! It takes determination to continue the process but a strong will power will help you to make it. Just suppose that the things you use every day were not around because the ones who invented them gave up? They did not: as a result everyone look at them as heroes. If you only knew the process and the time spent researching it would be mind-boggling! I would not like to give names but just think of the many who we know or heard about that have failed in their process to success. We use their products every day; we listen and are inspired by them; we applaud them for their genius but have you ever thought of their struggles to become successful? They were failures but they never gave up; look at what they have created!

Failure is a good thing! Even though I might hint that failure is a good thing, it should not the alternative to success.  In fact it is something to be avoided. Look at failure as a temporary setback; it is a road map to be guided by. How you react will help you to learn; it is a guide post in your steps to the right ending. Remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? They lost their way in the forest and were captured by the evil witch however they leave markers in the way so that they could retrace their step if they ever got free. Their failure thought them a lesson and as a result was able to return home.

Failure should never stop you from achieving your vision. The greatest ability in our human endeavor, is the ability to dream. God has placed within us this ability, longing and desire to go beyond the norm of human capacity which helps to extend ourselves into the boundaries of the unknown with a vision of where we want to be. Visions evolve into dreams and dreams become reality. It does not matter how much or how often you fail, this is just another road on your journey to success. Some of our most famous authors and inventors have been rejected countless times and counted as failures but today their books have sold millions and we can’t wait for their next publication or invention; they never gave up!

You might be striving to achieve your mark in this world; things might not favor you at this time but don’t give up. You will never know what you would have become if you give in because you fail one hundred times! Only history will record the result of your persistence. The next time you experience failure, look around and draw inspiration from the stories you hear about. Failure might seem to be the end of the road, remember, there are successful men and women in our world who are only enjoying success because they decided to push past the inevitable bleakness of failure. They survive the test of time and are enjoying the benefits of their persistence.

“Learn from your mistakes, reflect and accept the failure, but revisit your passion and keep pursuing your goals no matter what.”