We, The Generation of us

This is the generation that is now setting the standard for what is next. It is the advent of the Millennials after the Exes. It might seem strange to think that this generation is any different from the past but as we look at it closely I would have to say it is. We have move from the Generation Ex to the generation Next. This is what I define as the “We, Generation of us”. So what does it hold for the advent forces of newbies marching forward to discover the adventures that lies ahead; what are the challenges, the motivation or the gains that will emerge in a time of social change?

I am not an expert on any of these thought or subject but I would like to state things from my perspective and hope that it is interesting enough to start a conversation that will allow you to think of our world, where we are heading and the prospect of what is to come. “We” is define as more than one: just like “Us” it is not a selfish act; it is one that calls for unity and collaboration among people of differing class, race and status. We breaks barriers to change by challenging the status Coe. It defies the call for passivity and is moving headlong to achieve lasting change bringing to light the things once hidden in the dark to light.

According to the Council of Economy Advisor, Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of the total U.S. population in 2013. This is the first generation to have had access to the Internet during their formative years. Millennials also stand out because they are the most diverse and educated generation. I say that the “We’s” are different because their level understanding are different. Now; I am not trying to put down the other generations as being dumb but let’s look at it through the eyes of technology; everything is now digitized and to understand most terms and codes one would almost have to be a wizard but the for the We’s this come naturally as if just another game. Everything is geared towards the “We Generation.” The “We’s” are in control; believe it or not this is how it is going to be. The Exers can fight against it all they want but this is here to stay; all we have to do is just be adoptable to change! We the generation of us defies the system and are setting new standards with commitment to social change.

Technology defines the true nature of the advances in our world. The cell phone has replaced the need to carry documents which leave long paper trail, everything is now stored in the clouds and can be access with the touch of a button. Because of advances in technology news are being sent at the speed of light helping us to see thing as they unfold. No longer are we dependent on the few news Medias with their biases; people can record events bringing to light the truth as it is being unfold.

While it is true that the “We’s” seems to have it together and they have advance in technology it is disappointing to note there are much lack, confusion and undiscipline. There are things they face regularly that is beyond their reach. Striving for the top does not come easy it takes determination and pure grits to move beyond the norm just to reach the next level.

Take a look at what is happening. Although more educated, unemployment seems to be higher.  Why is this the case? Going to school and getting a degree is sometimes not enough because when faced with the practical situation, they are more than likely to be overlooked for lack of experience etc. This leave them with a sense of frustration, many are underemployed; they face the burden of high student loans and will be subjected to poverty, depression and stress because they are not able to cope. Therefore I would want to suggest that the “We’s” learn to be patient, develop perseverance and a sense of purpose. Establish a good foundation on which to build your future.

In spite of all the confusion, the chaos and the frustration seek God who is the answer to this world’s dilemma. The generation of “Us” can be a catalyst for change that will send a lasting message and place a stamp in history with a message of how to overcome!