In our human experiences situation develop which sometimes takes us to places unknown. It might be for reasons beyond our wildest dreams that we become attached to things not expected. The word says to everything there is a time and a season and purpose for everything under heaven. With this in mind we can look at things that comes our way and understand the relationship and driving force that follows. Timing is the process of opportunity gain or lost.

In life timing is everything! You might choose not to believe but that does not change the reality of the matter. Look at our vast universe; it is divide into times and seasons. Nothing can hold these seasons back; when it is time for them to change, nature will have its free course. The wind and the rain the sunshine and the cold all depends on timing. I never hear anyone say that the timing of the weather is out of sync with nature. It is all determine by the creator the seasons for change.

Now that I have set up something for you to think about, let me continue by saying that timing is eternal; it has no beginning or ending. However, we are able to measure time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. We call it past, present and future. Every day I get up I say a prayer; I thank my creator for the moment that is and for what was; I also thank him for what is to come knowing that only He decide what will be. Many men have tried to shape our destiny but only God gives the ok to the path destined for us.

Because timing is such a force, it demands urgency and action. There is a saying, “time waits on no man.” Therefore, we are to make the best use of our time. Many folks lose important opportunities because they did not give close attention to time for this reason some of the most life changing events that would have propelled them to greatness passed leaving them without a trace from which they have never recovered. I believe that it is important to know the timing and the seasons we are in. We cannot afford the luxury of wasted years. Age is not a reason for not moving with urgency and take action at the right moment.

Procrastination is a force that can disrupt timing. How often do we hear the saying, “if I had known, I would have!” Never think that you have the rest of your life to carry out a task. It is always given with a time span and if we do not take opportunities when they exist, those moments might never return. Timing is important in negotiations, in relationship and in the greatest success in life.

In the dispensation of time many things had to be in place for revelation to take place. I think of the time the children of Israel went down to Egypt because of famine in their land; just suppose they failed to move at the moment they did? History would have been written differently; the Messiah would have come through another channel but man would have to wait and suffer unreasonably because timing was out of sync with the will and purpose of God.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: What time is it? It is now that time to reflect and make the most of your time and the season you are in. We have just a short time allotted to us therefore we cannot make decisions that will cost us to lose our moment and the opportunity that life brings our way. Therefore, the moment is now, be in sync with your timing and use this opportunity to connect with your future prosperity!