In June of nineteen sixty-eight I experience a life changing moment that I will never forget. It was because of this experience I am now the person that I am. Without this life changing event I would not have anything of substance to share because I would be writing from an uninformed position of pure speculation. However, this blog is not about who I am or what I have accomplished, it is a simple reflection of what I think our society has become because of the experiences of the past.

Experience is our best teacher. It does not matter who tells you what they think, until they have the experience, it does not say very much and it is not convincing enough to affect change. Age is honor; with it comes experience. This is something that is worth fighting for. It is a thing of value and it should command respect! What can I say more about experiences? I will look at this topic and try to break it down in my simple form. I hope you would agree with me as you look at the facts and come to a conclusion.

I believe experience can be quantified. Take a look at industries, businesses and corporations. Look at these organizations in their simplest form; you would agree that they would not reach very far without the experience of someone or a group of people with the knowledge and drive to get things done. So, how do we quantify these experiences? These come with value for knowledge without which millions would not have been made and traded . You may ask how? I will tell you! Customer experiences have a significant impact on future spending and is a major driver of future growth in terms of revenue collected. These can also be in the form of data which tells you how much or how often these experiences drive performances. Just think about this long enough to whet your appetite and start a conversation while sharing your personal experiences. I do not have the time or capacity to delve deeply into this topic; look at this as a mere teaser for a conversation.

Your experience can be defined by purpose and passion! What is your purpose in life? What is it that you live for? What do you find yourself chasing after? It might seem insignificant but when you have a passion and are pursuing it, this gives you the ability needed to carry out the task while gaining the experiences needed for future accomplishments.

If you have been about, say, traveling getting to know different culture and their habits; you will agree with me that you have a different appreciation for diversity. You have now been introduced to a different world perspective. Suddenly things take on new meaning; you look through different sets of binoculars (eyes). This was the result of life’s lessons that gave you the experience needed to look more realistically at the world around you. You gained life lessons therefore you are grateful for the experiences. Memories are shared, be it good or bad it is based on your experiences. Some are unforgettable and joyful memories!

Let me pose to you this question: Why do you spend money going to the same places from time to time? You take a vacation; you visit the same bar, church, museum or other places of interest. With your quest for learning and accomplishment you gain knowledge because of the experiences you gain. It was because of the meaningfulness of these experience you decide to spend time and money with these accomplishments.

Jesus went through testing for a while after fasting in the wilderness. This experience helps to strengthen his ministry and stood up to the test of time. We all learn life’s lessons through experience. When we meet difficulties and obstacles these experiences are needed to propel us to accomplishing our goals.

“Our ability to achieve success depends on the strength of our wings gained through knowledge and experience. The greater our knowledge and experience, the higher we can fly.”(Catherine Pulsifer)