The Audacity to hope

The measure of hope is not determined by who we are or where we come from. Our nationality is not a factor; we all have an inner yearning for something better, brighter and more fulfilling. We hope for a better today and a brighter tomorrow. When faced with situation that overwhelms us we hope! Even when the challenges are insurmountable and the odds are against us we do have the right to hope for something better. This is not an issue that should be taken lightly; a little faith and determination can help you beat the odds. Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen. There are times when you have to hold on to blind faith because there is no one willing to help us out. However, it doesn’t not matter the circumstance I believe we do have the right and the audacity to hope. We can look forward with desire and with reasonable confidence that what we want we can achieve. Have a vision of what you want or where you want to be because hope will keep us alive.

There are differences in the things we encounter daily; even when statistics say we should not be anything, we can hope! We have to push with great strength even when there is no strength left. We have the audacity to hope that things will turn out for the better because the final outcome is not determined by the forces of man but by God. He makes the decision who you are and what you will become. He said, “before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you and ordained you for what you will become”. Dreams are made with vision of the things we hope to achieve and it does not matter who, when or what, if we stick to the goal or the vision with hope we will succeed.

Hope deferred is not hope achieved. I was listening to a story of this man who was telling on himself. He said, “I have been down so long that I don’t even think of getting up.” He has been through the grimes of life but has chosen to defer hope; now he has confessed hopelessness. We should never let our circumstances control our destiny. Develop the audacity to hope! When situation says you can’t, please tell yourself you can. With a positive attitude, you can change your life for the better. There is greatness within each of us but it will not manifest itself unless we make the ultimate shift. Think big and hope for a better tomorrow. Don’t defer hope make hope come alive and you circumstance will change!

“For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope. For what a man sees, why is he yet hoping for it: but if we hope for that we have not seen then we wait with patient.” This might seem to be a mystery but true! Check out the story of the Greek Syrophenician woman who had a sick daughter. She tried everything she knew but was without any cure for her daughter. Finally, with the audacity to hope she turn to Jesus. It did not go as smooth as she thought because Jesus told her, it is not good to take the masters bread and give it to dogs. She had the courage and the audacity to hope. She said that even the dogs eat the crumbs from their masters table. With such hope her request were granted.

Develop that fortitude that will make you rock solid in the face of obstacles. It is time to turn up the heat and defeat the foes of self-defeat, mental destructiveness and doubts. It is time to pick up your imagination and emotion and run with all your might until you cross the finish line because while you are still alive, you have the “Audacity to Hope.”