“Strong men in Tough times”

Coping with difficulties without compromise

It takes courage to stand up in times of moral decay when everyone or everything that is wrong becomes right and the right becomes wrong. We must now face the fact; we are living in tough times! Though we might have ignored it for years, it’s the reality and the moment has come for us to stand strong. We are living in tough times! We have been labeled weak for being sensitive and caring or even crying because of emotional stress and distress. Folks are pre-occupied with their own affairs while society has succumbed to moral decay and the decadence of our surrounding. If we are to survive in this age of unrest, we will have to become strong men in these tough times.

Almost on a daily basis we hear of the evils that are taking place even in our backyard. We have now grown accustom to news report; the seemingly pressure of society with its constant aggression and quest for perfection and accepted norms. The quest for moral uprightness is challenge in a world where right is wrong and wrong has become right. Let us not give in to the trends that leads to uncommon social behavior. We need men who will stand up strong in these though times!

We are traveling on life’s journey; time is a precious commodity. Let it not be wasted on self-degradation or pity while looking over our shoulders with regret of what could have been. We do not control time; it is a commodity that will never return; once passed it is gone forever. We do not know where it is coming from or where it is going. Therefore, we should utilize time to the best of our advantage. Let us redeem the time and stand against the evils of our day! It might not be comfortable to stand alone but there are times when being tough and strong means being separated from the crowd.

We often use the term, “If I had enough time I would do such and such; or if I had it to do all over again, I would do things differently! The reality is we all have been given the same amount of time. As longs as you were born, you have the same amount of time as everyone else. The question is; what are you doing with the time you have been assigned?

Time can be a monster or a friend. The choice you make will determine the former or the lather; it’s up to us to decide and make the right choice. God is calling for strong men who would make the right choices. The time is running short when He will be silent forever.

In every society and culture men are under pressure to do the right thing. However, we have been given the tools to help us get the job done. Don’t make the decision to succumb to the easy path; be the force that stand and go against the grain if it means doing the right. It is time to stand and be strong men in tough times! Let us set the standard and raise the bar so that we can leave a lasting legacy for the young men who are following our path can look at positive role models instead of freakish gender identity that will cloud their souls and sear them for the rest of their lives.

As men we stand at the cross road looking in every direction being a bit confused at the complications that is set in our way. Should we go east west north or south; we do not really know, yet we have to make a choice. We need guidance; we need direction: the voices are screaming at us from a place that leads to the path of least resistance. Should we give in or make the choice to stand firm? The guidance of wisdom will help to chart our course allowing us to stand as strong men in these tough times.

There was a day when three men had to make the choice; stand up or give in to the voices of reason. They had to defy the King’s command. It was not a popular thing to do because it would mean instant death but they muster the courage to stand against the odds. Because of their unashamed and bold stand they were saved from the awful scourge of fire. They were delivered and set free: now we can use them as example of what it means to be strong men in tough times!