What is the cost

What does it cost for the pain you are willing to go through? What price are you willing to pay for your freedom and the things you believe in? The cost of freedom is not cheap it takes courage and dedication to ones’ morals and beliefs. Is it worth the price at the cost that is being set? Let’s define cost and the factors that it contributes to. Cost for the most path is the value of money that has been used to produce something, however when it’s gone it is not available for use anymore. Let me generalize it. In the field of economics, cost is a standard set of behavior that is as a result of a process or as a differential for the result of a decision. Hence cost is the metric used in the standard modeling paradigm applied to economic processes.

So what does it really cost; the model, the behavior or the moment of triumph or pain? The price is beyond comprehension even when the cost is great. The cost of a broken dream; the cost of lost love or the cost of things to which we have become attached. There are so many time we seek great things and set ourselves to achieve those desires. The dream, the vision requires a great price. It does not come easy; it requires effort and determination. Those who have accessed the cost do not mind paying the price. However, they cannot be complacent! The reward can be great but you have to be determine to accomplish your set goal. Keep on dreaming don’t become complacent because the dream only stops when the price is not paid.

 Big dreams require big price. If you are not willing to count the cost it makes no good reasoning to become attached or preoccupied with the vision. The bible states it clearly; you have to count the cost of following before you can commit. Folks who commit without counting the cost end in chaos with broken dreams and broken hearts because they did not take the time to count the cost. There are many stories of individuals who would commit without counting the cost. Many walk away in disgust and despair; hurt and frustration. I would urge every to count the cost before you commit; it would make it easier to transition being able to pay the price no matter what the cost.

Even as I sit to write this blog I cannot help but reflect on the tragedy of the moment for which we are all grieving. Our hearts go out to all who lost love ones. I would say it is a time for reflection. We can ask the question: Why does tragedy strike; what could have caused such a horrendous act? We pray for peace and protection in a world of turmoil where hate seems to reign in the dark hearts of human kine.  In the midst of this God still reign supreme. He bore the pain, looked at the cost and paid the price so that love could reign. Let us all come together as one human race forgetting color, class or creed and build on a foundation of love. The cost of love is selflessness. The price is peace, kindness and a grateful heart. Are you willing to participate in this universal language? Have you counted the cost and are you willing to pay the price even in the face of disaster?