“With Liberty and Justice for all”

What does it mean to be free? What is the qualification or the criteria for freedom? I know that wars have been fought and lives lost in the pursuit of freedom. Many worlds have been turn upside down all in pursuit of justice but the voices are still crying out hoping to ease the pain of injustice. We are at the mill of time looking for hope grinding another day longing to see the light of a promise long forgotten buried in despair. We ask, where is the liberty and where is the justice for all?

The voice of the freedom fighters are still turning in their graves because the promises have been forgotten and we are on a backward path where no freedom reign. I am sorry to make you sad with my writing but the truth is, we are all asking where is the liberty and justice for all! Do you remember those moments when turmoil was raging as the fight for freedom marched on: The moments when it was brutality and fear that prevailed? Take a look at the things we are facing today and ask yourself seriously where is the freedom and justice for all.

I am tired; we are all tired of listening to the media as they announce the event of the days, weeks, months and year. Less you prejudge my blog take a look inward and see the turmoil as events unfold. It is not just people on people or police on people but it can be found in the very fabric of our nation which leads me to ask where is the liberty and justice for all. This should be the time for a moment of silence as we remember the lives lost through tragic events. We must not forget even if the circumstances are things we would rather forget. The way to never repeat the same mistakes is to write them into our innermost being so that we will remember history and never repeat the past!

Today is a very solemn moment in time. It is the anniversary of nine eleven and we all are reminded of that moment when the news came; we reflect on what we were doing at that moment and the horror we felt. Year have pass with some consolation that at least some justice was served even as we seek to dig deeper and bring those responsible to justice. However even as we think of this and the many atrocities that are still taking place around us we can’t help but ask, “Where is the liberty and justice for all.”

How can we forget the Revolutionary Era, the Antislavery Movement and of course the Civil Rights Movement? Of course not; these events set the tone and the course of action for a movement that sometimes seems forgotten.  For the people who struggle to maintain the movement their work must not be forgotten with the passage of time. From the Rosa Parks Bus boycott, MLK junior who protested with dignity to George Washington’s humble camp cot and the rocking chair Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated, we can look back on the journey; America’s fight for freedom and celebrate the courage to maintain it. However, when I walk onto a jobsite or in our surroundings; the sense of despair the rolling back of what it seems were gains. The inequality in pay and the injustices of covert bigotry I can’t help but ask, where is the freedom and justice for all.

The time has come to break the silence and speak with dignity; we do not have to hang our heads in shame for the road has been paved with the blood of the mortars leaving us with a foundation to build upon. Let us run with the torch as the light burn never to be put out by the wind of time and change. Because one day we will be proud to say there is freedom and justice for all! I rest my case!!!!