We all have the same questions. However, the reasons we ask is not the same.  Why presents us with a broad spectrum for conversation and reasoning. The answers are never the same. Why? For what reason? What is the cause or the purpose that something exists or is done made or used?  Why am I here? The question goes on and on! What course of action needs to be taken or what suggestion do I need in order to avoid irritation or annoyance. The question that is still burning inside is, Why?

Truth be told there are more questions than answer. However, we are still looking for answers to all the injustices taking place around us! What is it we have to do to avoid the mental distresses and the pain suffered daily. The problem is we are being pushed and there is no place of retreat or so it seems. I have tried to ignore the system and move on but I must admit it is becoming unbearable. I must use the only means I have to speak up with a hope of stirring your emotion into positive action.

It has been such a common thing that we are starting to feel numb from the pain; the diagnosis is nowhere to be found and the cure is out of reach.  Why, what is the reason for another police brutality? Is this a game where the ones with the most bounty wins? It seems that you don’t have to do anything to be killed by a cop if you are black. Why are they threatened at the presence of a black man? We are already in the minority in every sense; economically just to allude to a few circumstances. The question is why we are treated less than a household pet? What is the intended desired result; the end, aim or goal? It makes me sick when I see someone going to the media bewailing about a lost or missing animal when we as blacks are being treated less than! Why does a pet get more love and sympathy than a living breathing human? It is time to wake up and see the demons lurking ready to attack!

I ask the question, why, what is happening to black men in America? This seems to be the continuation of the racial violence of the past. In the past, our ancestors knew that they were victims of a destructive racial system and fought to break the yoke of slavery, racism and segregation. This disease was part of the system that was rooted in the slave masters as they used us for their economic gain. Be that as it may the slave masters has not yet recovered from the injustices handed out so just like in South Africa they are still afraid that the black man is intent on attack looking to take revenge. Even when we are respectable citizen of our community, we are being labeled as tugs rapists and robbers. Fear for what they did and are doing and making excuses for their reckless behavior.

Can you believe that we are told every American has civil liberties! However, those who have sworn to protect these rights of citizens are the ones who are denying them to black men in the full view of the public thanks to the digital age. What used to be denied and thrown out in the dark can no more be hidden. It doesn’t take anything it seems for a cop to pull the Triger. This unmitigated violence and killings of black men by police officers is a total denial of the dignity and value of the life of black men. Being a black male in America makes you a potential criminal, a suspect, a trouble maker, and a dangerous person. Being a black male means that white police officers should “fear” you and “protect” themselves and society from you in a most violent manner. You may ask, are you angry? Hell yes I am angry because if we do not speak up and make our voices be heard they take it for granted that no one cares. The evidence cannot be denied! Even when it is plain for all to see yet there is always a story to justify the criminal acts and racist behavior!!

The question is, Is this the land of the free and home of the brave? Then why the killing and the brutality? Those who are not black will never understand why black lives matter. You can try to argue it away by saying all lives matter and yes they do but you are not confronted with the same things we are confronted with on a daily basis. Covert racism on the job when you are being judge before you even start. You are looked upon as being lazy even when you are given the most difficult and dangerous tasks and are fired for taking a break standing to take a breath.

Let us be resolute and determine even in times of severe stress. Remain objective because they can never keep a good man down. Always remember that there is going to be payday someday. They might not believe but that doesn’t change anything; time will tell because what goes around will come around. The question is Why? The reason, the purpose and the cause!