Affirmation is a solemn declaration that serves the same purpose as an oat. It is the act of affirming, asserting or stating something. Sometimes this could be positive or negative depending or the reasoning for the affirmation. However in the true sense I would look at affirmation in it’s simplest form of giving credibility to something or someone. To be affirmative is to give positive connotations; bring a cense of good will to the recipient.

We live in a society where it is easy talk negative and seek to pull down each other over the simplest of things. No wonder we fail as leaders even when we are trying our best to make good on our promises of not following the status quo; carving a path of our own while leading the way with honesty dignity and respect. Instead of always looking at the negatives we should spend some time with affirmation. It is good to be affirmed especially when you need it most. When you are in a situation that causes you to the think that you are all alone and no one cares. Just a kind word of encouragement would be a gesture that would make a difference and help in setting someone ablaze with possibilities helping to motivate and inspire them to greatness. When you affirms you give confidence to the one who is being affirmed. This might be the moment when you help to turn the tide breaking the bonds of destruction from their paths. Many great souls die for lack of affirmation and encouragement, they turn away slowly in despair not hearing words to lift their spirits.

Recently I was challenged by the story of a woman. She displayed strength in moments of hopelessness. A nation was under siege. It was a time when everyone was looking for leadership that was seemingly no where to be found. She was a one of a kind woman who inspite of being a wife did not seek to put herself first but but seek guidance in leading a nation being a judge. By now you would have guessed the name but just in case you are still wondering, her name was Deborah. She was not afraid to speak the truth while guiding a man who was complacent and unwilling to take up the challenge with the courage to defend a nation. She was a mother in Israel who would go to all lengths making sure her people was delivered from the evil and bondage of their oppressors.

Speaking the truth over and giving confidence to who you are and what you can become. Although she could have taken charge of the situation, she called on the man to wake up and see the indignity of the moment. He did not have the courage to go alone, he was motivated by a woman who was a tower of strength a trail blazer for justice. Her affirmation caused freedom to come to a people in distress.

Today we ask, are there any who would guide us while setting the paste for guidance and freedom. It is strange how we seek to tear down those who are trying their best to bring change while motivating others to greatness! Just a little affirmation will go a long way in turning the tide while blowing a breath of fresh air to our present situation. “Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.”

At this present moment we need an affirmer, one who doesn’t use his office to tear down and belittle but one who is a great motivator for good. It seems we have fallen to a low that will be difficult to recover from. In a moment of distress and chaos we need someone to light the lamp of dignity, triumph and honor. We need to raise the standard and raise it boldly awakening the future generation to greatness in the place of despair. Give us the affirmation and encouragement we need to last a generation. How will we look back at this moment in history? How do we want to be remembered? If we count the cost, we would be setting good examples for the youths to follow!