Where do we go from here?

The impact of winter is everywhere; we are inundated with news of the wrecks and defects on highways, towns and Territories being compounded by the shifting waves of the environment as it takes shape to unleash its wrath on the unknown. However, as we move along, we will encounter the glories of spring as plants and shrubs spring back to life coming out of hibernation taking a new look at what humans has done in making a wreck trying to make thing better for themselves. The ground hogs have not given any indication that the way is clear so we retreat back into hibernation waiting for a flicker of light with promises that things are getting better. We will emerge into the sunshine of better and brighter days with hopes and dreams for new life. We set our sights on a city set on a hill whose light will never go dim.

Indeed there are some things we take for granted until someone pulls it apart and leaves things in chaos. How do you trade the things that has been proven to be good for us and replace them with things artificial and dead? Is it any wonder that our lifespan are changing into strapped version of the real thing. Being blinded by the promises of the future we run head on into a net of disappointments and frustrations. Now we spend our time trying to escape the trappings of insolence. Where do we go from here, who do we turn to? The questions are filling our hearts; skepticism prevails because we thought things would have been better but as we awoke from our slumber we discovered while we were at sleep, the creepy reapers came and stole our rights away. With no where and no one to turn to we are left in the heat of the night trying to maneuver but we are stock in the past with only promises for the future.

The battle has just begun, there’s no winning bets because all the offers have been withdrawn from the table. We are facing a blank slate with no point-man to manage our affairs. The things that hurts is the fact we don’t know who to trust. There are so many sharks swimming in the pool that the water has already turned bloody without a victim who we recognize. The question I will ask is: “Where do we go from here?” If we don’t rise up and take a stand, who will be there to speak for us or even recognize our presence!

Where are we going, what do we see on the horizon? Looking back we ask, where have we come from, do we see a change, any light in the tunnels? What have we accomplished, are there things we can look up to as monuments of success and change? Who can we turn to, where can we go? The answers are no where to be found so we keep on searching hoping for a turn around. Just like prisoners caught in the snare of their dysfunctions, we have been thrown behind the bars of complacency, regret and frustration. The time has come again to make a decision and only you can effect a change. Choose wisely!

People of the world equip yourselves for the time of reckoning. Can you cense the signs of the time? It is not too hard to figure out but only those with eyes will see! Take a good look at your situation and make a comparison. Are you satisfied with what you see? If not ask yourself the question: Where do I go from here? Make up your mind to take an unwavering stand for what you know is right without compromise. The future is in your hand, think wisely and don’t throw your rights away!