How about me

Looking back at the years passed, there were lots of memories that capture ones mind just like an old Kodak camera with its self developing films you wait for a moment until the image appears. In those moments of tense emotion you wonder what the outcome will be. Nevertheless because you are a part of the process of development there is much joy as you are faced with the result of your undertaking. It might not be as great as you would like it but because it is the work of your own doing, it is treasured with a love and joy you welcome. As the tension the suspense is released a glow replaces any frown. 

As the years pass you look back to the memories of those years and oh how quickly they seems to have passed. However, with much joy you remember your childhood; sometimes with joyful laughter or organizing pain. Whichever way it went, for you there were lessons learned and stories to be told. Our personal development started there in those seemingly lonely hour by the side of a grandmother or a mother who no matter how hard the times never gave up hope of a child who would one day become a King, a Priest, a President, Prime Minister, a Lawyer or someone great or extraordinary, one she would be proud to call son or daughter.

As the journey begun you were ushered into a space of uncertainty. The days were sometimes turbulent even though we were not aware. You were shielded from the moments of uncertainty and despair, the times of chaos. We were carefree young and wild! We eat anything our hands could catch not fearing diseases or any other sicknesses, we were strong! We played outside from sunrise to sunset. There were no need for alarm because we were looked after by our community; we were every mothers child or children every child’s niece or nephews. Oh how great those days were! 

I remember the times we became entrepreneurs even at an early age. We had the foresight to see the needs of our pairs and sought to fill it. If you were a little smart, you devised ways to tap into those areas of lack and capitalize on those moments. We did not have the money to buy toys so we made our own. For those who were not as talented or gifted, we used those opportunities to our advantage. We build and they brought; the cash flow though challenging begun but it was a secret. The banks were the grandmothers secret statch. How could anyone know about it except the manufacturer, supplier and the vendor? To give away this secret connection was an act of treason. Tension would run high and we would be branded as other than… our pairs would ridicule us for our undertaking. The customers knew how to flow leaving the skeptics to wonder; never revealing the sources of our funding.

The me was us, and the them times were ours. Distance were never a problem and the Journey though sometimes great, we persevered. We played we fight we get up dust off and continued on our journey. Malice did not last long because we would turn our pain into laughter as a community of children brought up to understand the strength of a community is knitted in love for each other. If you were hungry the neighbors were there. Their food were our food and when we were filled we went out side to start the episode of playing again. We were told, “ manners and behavior would take you to the world.” Respect was a must, we had to respect our elders no matter who they were or where they came from. They had the rights to give you a whopping if you were disrespectful. Please don’t go home and complain; it would become double for your trouble.

Who or what we would become were carved out of those moments. Though we did not know it then, those were times of training that would propel us into adulthood. Looking back, I see the trails that each person followed. Today most have become and is living out the potentials they displayed in those early years. This is the answer to “What about me?” The story of us is the seed that was planted and it continued to grow and have become garden of hope for others to follow. My wish is for us to see clearly and avoid the pitfalls and traps that is before us as we walk this journey through life. 

The story might not be completed, it is a story of grace and mercy of truth and justice of sorrow and pain but who would have imagined the trails we would follow in our short time in space as we walk this big blue marble of earth. We are encompass in times and seasons of change however, we will look back in appreciation of the moments given by the ones who loved and cared for us. It shaped our future and gave us reason for living. We did not have a lot but we had just enough. Thank God for the things we went thought and the lessons learned. As I look back, I can truly say, it takes a village to rear a child. I might have asked how about me, may I ask how about you? Reflection is the strength of perception a guiding light for the future.