Dare to leap

We have dreams of the future and what we want it to accomplish. However, sometimes it seems impossible that we would ever achieve our goals. It is normal to dream, it’s a part of our human design and development. Don’t get trapped with ambitions and ideas of what you want to become, rise up and move on; determination will help you to achieve your goals and dreams. No matter what might be in your way push past the obstacles and take the leap of faith into the unknown. You can make it; believe in yourself. Because you do not have the help needed to pull ourselves out of the straits you find ourselves in does not mean it is the end. The blame game is not an option, take a moment stop and look around; evaluate where you are and chart your course of action, make a new start. You can do it! For some it might be easier said than done but the key to moving from where we are depends on us. Just get up and take the leap of faith; never looking back at your past keep moving straight toward the top.

Motivate yourself. Understand your priorities in life and move with courage to accomplish what you set out to do. When you are self-motivated, you will be more organised, you will be a good time manager: skilled and have more self-esteem and confidence. These are important traits to develop, in doing so, it can help you to take control of many other aspects of your life. Taking the leap is no easy thing but being able to move the bar to the next level is important. When taking the leap, you have to be ready to act on opportunities when they presents themselves. Take chances peruse your goals but be ready for setbacks. Look at setbacks as opportunities to succeed. Have you ever heard the saying, “Failure is not final?” Be prepared to fail but be ready to get up and dust yourself off and move on. There are many who failed but never gave up; today they are living their dreams despite their many obstacles. Be motivated set benchmarks and the drive to achieve your goals, make improvements geared to meeting certain standards. If you can, get a coach. By all means do so, don’t give up on your dreams. Only those who are willing to take the leap will succeed.

Resilience is the key factor for success: having the ability to bounce back in the presence of adversity. The ability to cope with and rise to the inevitable challenges. Problems and set-backs you meet in the course of your life is no easy feat, however, we all have the ability to come back stronger than before. It is good to develop rational thinking. Never think that it is impossible to accomplish your goals. You might rely on different skills and draws on various sources for help but you can do it.

In writing this, I know that I am writing it to myself because it takes a whole lot of courage in the presence of fear to take the leap. Courageous people do feel fear, but they are able to manage and overcome their fear so that it does not stop them from taking action. Fear causes us to self check, ensuring that we are not overly-confident, that we take the appropriate actions. How do we manage this? We can train ourselve to manage our emotional response to fear, so that we manage it rather than it managing us.

I would like to tell you to take courage. The question is,What is Courage?
I am glad you ask! Courage is a virtue, bravery, a quality of spirit that enables us to face danger and pain without showing fear. We all know what we mean by courage or bravery as it is sometimes known. I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” (Nelson Mandela)

The word of God says,” fear not little flock, it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” With such promises why are we afraid? It’s time to take the leap and start on your journey to success. You can do it! Take the leap!!

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