With our journey and the different challenges in life, there are somethings we will never forget. These are memories that live in our minds and often times we reminisce. However, it is not always the things we would like to remember! We can’t close those memories out of our subconscious. Neither can we only think on the things that makes us happy? I wish it was like that but it is not! Reflection is a mirror of the compilation of our past. For some it opens wounds, for others it brings joy and feeling of self fulfillment. What ever it is, it is good to be able to reflect on our past as we move into the future. We were young and care free; we did what ever we wanted sometimes to the dismay of our parents. However you look at it, those years were filled with adventures.

We lived lives of happiness; we took things for granted. Was it because we didn’t know it then or was it because we were not exposed to the complexities of the world? We were cuddled in our space, our world as we knew it; we were comfortable in our environment. Although there were many challenges, it never bothered us. We were aware of the negatives but they didn’t mean much. There was never enough to go around but we shared what we had. We were poor, at least that’s what they said. It didn’t make a difference and it didn’t matter; we were all a part of a neighborhood that never even knew they were poor. We shared all things in common. We were happy!

With the passage of time, we tend to forget the journey and the situations we encounter as we travel on through life. There are moments when we should stop to take a look and evaluate where we are and how far we have come. Our history and our roots reveal the things we hold dearly; the tradition and the cultural difference. It is important that we know our history; from there we have a glimpse of where we came from, where we are going and the process it will take to get us there. Truly I see the world as our community but sadly not everyone sees it this way. However, let me not stray because it is time to reflect as we reminisce.
Certainly times has changed, what we have grown accustom to is no more. Some of us have migrated to different locations in the world and are enjoying the choices we made while some are struggling to find their footing. Be that as it may, our memories live on and we sometimes reminisce on the times and places we have been and the encounters we have had. Looking back, it is not very hard to realize how far we have come. Our journey from the past with it’s struggles helps us today as we navigate into the future. It is truly amazing the strides we have made. Remembering the good times and the bad times we reminisce with mixed emotions, a bit of joy and sometimes with a bit of sorrow.

I might be too old to even be writing this but who cares, I am still a young man! You might look at me differently but I would say, I am what I am; free and clear! I remember when there were Prawn and Crappies in the ponds. We go looking for those creatures as an adventure. We cook we eat and then we would go for a swim in the lake, for those who couldn’t they looked on while enjoying the adventures. Today those creatures are no more at least not in our areas. Time has change and with the advent of global warming, drought has taken its toll. Those vibrant creatures cease exist.

When there was nothing els to do, we learn to create things out of nothing. I have seem geniuses being birthed from these experiences. Though they will never be recognized, I see them as Trail Blazers who set things in motion for the youths of today to build upon. We look back with pride knowing that we had a part to play and we did it well.

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