Where do we go from here ?

Like rain that falls on all people; so does Gods grace and mercy falls on us. Kingdom rises and kingdoms fall; we never stop to think about what is needed to link everyone together in love. We have gone beyond the boundaries of human justice, we are heading to a place of impending doom. Many nations falls beyond repairs because they never stop to count the cost or to evaluate their standing; things are great they say; we have nothing to worry about. However when we say peace and safety then there is destruction. Just like humpy dumpy there is nothing to stop the fall if we don’t course correct, we will be doomed!

Look at history and learn from events of the past. At least that what we should do! There were prominent empires who boasts of great power but where are they now? We fail to learn the true meaning of what it is to be called citizen of the universe. It seems we often take things for granted not given to what is going on around us but the time has come for us to stop look and listen to our own heart beat. What is happening around us is no coincidence, history tells no lying tales it will always show us the truth of what has been. Where do we go from here, what is the right path to take? We live in a confusing world when some have lost their true moral identity.

It is really appalling the things we have been through and the sense of blindness and confusion we are being pushed into. Where are the leaders among us? They fail to stand up as real men and women choosing rather to be affiliated to an organization rather than standing for the truth. History will not look at us kindly. The hands of time is turning and what we thought of as old and in the past is now repeating itself. Think for a moment what it must have been like to live in the days of those awful dictators who sought to annihilate a people who did not look like them or shared the same beliefs. Those were the days when history could have been written differently only if someone had the fortitude to take a stand against injustice and say something.

We are seeing a repeat of the same things happening today. Those we elect to serve has turned their back on their constituents and sided with a monster who averted justice in favor of friends. Where is morality in the land of manifest destiny and justice? It is seriously hard to figure out. We have been weighted in a balance and found wanting. The hand writing is fixed permanently on the walls of injustice; it’s only a matter of time when this nation will go the ways of the dynasties of the past who thought that they were invincible but awake to find just like the statue of brass, silver and clay, they to have fallen into disrepair.

Morality is being thrown out the door; all rights are wrong and all wrong has become right. That’s what is taking place in our society. Can we turn a blind eye on the things that are affecting us? It’s time for we the people to take a stand for what is right. Our leaders have made their choice, it is plain to see. Let’s take back our nation from those who have brought us to open shame and ridicule. Raise the standard and raise it boldly set a moral standard for all to see. I am afraid for my grandchildren because the future of morality is doomed. Being in the minority makes it so much harder knowing we don’t have any one to turn to. Heaven help us all!

However, it is good for man is to do justly and love mercy and walk humbly before God. There will come a time and now is, he that is unjust will be unjust, and he that is filthy will be filthy. You who are righteous stay righteous and holy because in the end there will be pay day. Justice will roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream. Keep hope alive, we will survive!