Earth, wind and fire. System of survival


At this moment in time we all are wondering what will happen in the months and years to come. Our world is going through a time such like we have never seen or experienced before. Although we are advanced in technology, we are growling to come up with a cure for the pandemic that is on the war path with society. Who do we look to for help? The answers to these questions are still being ignored because we believe we are in charge of our own destiny. We wants to be self sufficient, not to be dependent on any other; the truth is, just like the body we are interconnected. Like the human machine we are dependent on every part to function in sync with each other. Society has taught us about individualism however, we need to set our focus toward a more community base relationship. We all need each other to survive. This is a lesson we are learning at this time. We are facing the same challenges; the coved-19 pandemic. There is no discrimination when it comes to who is being attacked. We have to fight this demon together, status doesn’t matter.

I came across these lyrics from the group Earth Wind and Fire: it’s a “System of survival.” “The human race is running over me, I punch the clock at nine and five just trying to make a living. A plastic face on satellite tv saying, life is filled with give and take. He is giving and I am taking so dance. It’s my system of survival (SOS) I’m dancing . It’s a system of survival future revival. Greet the new arrival. At times it is the only way. I’m gonna make it through this day. Everybody get up do your dance, keep surviving!” Where are the leaders who is so pose to help when we are crying; trying to survive. Corporations are taking it while small businesses are dying trying to make it. What in the world are they doing? What else is there that we can do? We have now come to that juncture when it doesn’t matter who you are we are one community one people. Each member is dependent on the other for survival. We the people are asking for help but our voices are being smoldered. We need help, we can’t breathe! Is there a system of survival?

“A city night I walk the streets in fear while politicians brag about a paperwork solution. Another life, I shed another tear. I’m waiting for somebody new to bear the solution so I dance. It is my system of survival.” The earth has reach its max and it is retaliating for the many years we have robed it. It is one way of taking a break from the way humans has managed it. It is the seventh day; a day of rest for the earth to recycle it’s system and survive the turbulence of man. The animals and plants have a time to grow without interference. The polluters are having a fit because their agenda has been put on hold. Throughout these times of pause we need to learn a lesson; the earth needs time to heal itself. Can we go back to what it used to before? Unfortunately some don’t even care; they are waiting for this storm to pass so they can go back to what it was before! We need a system of survival!

It’s time to stop and smell the roses! The air is being purified. The wind is carrying the fragrance of the sweet smelling aromas of the the plants, flowers and trees. The beautiful perfume of the Ladies of the night is floating through the air. It leaves a fragrance such as we have never stopped to inhale before; we have been too busy to observe. In this system of survival even the trees are celebrating their freedom. The wind is blowing in freedom rejoicing for the time of cleaning the air of pollutants. The question is, after all this is pasted, will we go back to what it used to be? This is a lesson that should be learned. It’s a sos and it is up to us to take the torch and run with it if we are going to survive this apocalypse.

Light the torch and fan the flames the earth is calling and the wind is blowing. Take the time to light the fire of knowledge that will forever burn ignorance from our minds and help in healing the earth so we will be able to survive the next onslaught. Believe me the time is coming when it might get worse if we don’t change our habits. Learn to live with each other in harmony. It’s a new day a time for re-examining our attitude towards each other. Survival is a must, it is one fact that we cannot deny. Let the weak say I am strong and assemble yourselves together pray that the mighty one will come down and look upon us.

Multitude, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. The sun and the moon shall be darkened and the stars shall withdraw their shining. This is not the time for skepticism though you might be. The moment is here and the evidence is certain. The Earth Wind and Fire is leaving its mark, however, the system of survival is here. Apply yourselves and prepare to make a change. We will survive!

In the midst of the storm

As the clouds hang low we brace ourselves together in anticipation of what is ahead. We must stop look and listen for the sound of the abundance of rain; it tells us the direction the wind is blowing and and from where the storm is coming. Although this might be just a metaphor, we have to look at it closely in light of our present situation. In a storm we bond together,lay low and wait until the turbulence is past before emerging from seclusion.

This is a storm of unprecedented proportion the magnitude of which will change our world and our lives forever. When the Bible says nation will be against nation and kingdom against kingdom we sometimes look at it with skepticism but the truth is on us and we have to prepare for what is ahead. Everything is pointing to one direction, if you look very closely it will cause you to stop a second and ask yourself some very serious question. What is it going to be? Are we prepared for the next wave? This is serious and if we are not ready for it, we will be left behind! So I say to you, the storm is coming be prepared for the road ahead.

The cases has risen and everyone is in a state of confusion. This is being augmented by the lack of leadership at the helm. There are too much mixed messages, added to this, the lack of preparedness and basic supplies for health professionals to operate comfortable. It’s time we look away from those who are driving this train; look for other ways forward. We must unite as one if we are going to succeed in overcoming this pandemic. Let us not get comfortable, the urgency is upon us to act as individuals to protect our selves. How did we arrived here? This question needs an answer!

It is very important how we move forward if we are going to survived and overcome this pandemic. Although it might seems we had been blindsided, there is no doubt things could have been better if urgency was given to the call for action. Hoping and wishing was not the thing to do. Looking at everything as a hoax will not cause things to go away. The reality is, we have to stop, look and listen; pay attention to the signs and the calls for action. Thing could have been better had there been leaders with foresight, one who cares and understands the plight of a nation and not individualism.

We have been overwhelmed. Cities, state and counties are crying out in distress. Who do we look to for help? However, in the midst of pain and confusions there is help but it is only available if you accept it. Our help comes from the Lord maker of heaven and earth. The time is now, look to Him for your help. Now is not the time for sarcastic behavior. However if you have a better idea I would like to hear about it; maybe then we could all try it but until them; “The Lord is your light and salvation; a very present help in times of trouble.” We are in trouble, the earth is crying out for help and we are powerless to do anything about it. Lord have mercy!

There is good news! In the midst of a storm there is always a calm a silver lining and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! The eye might be passing but make no mistake and don’t be caught off guard. In the eye there is calm and quietness. The back of the storm is sometimes more dangerous. However, when the storm is passed the calm is great and it brings relief and refreshments. Rebuilding will not be easy but where there is a will there will be a way. Don’t give up hope!

It is time to refocused and for repentance! We should not take this lightly. The world has never seen anything like this before. This is just the start of what is to come. The signs of the times are everywhere. Prepare for the turbulence, this is just the precursor. Those who are ready and prepared will make it through. There’s help even in the midst of the storm!