The value of time


One thing is for certain, no matter who we are or how rich we may become; successful or not, we all have one thing in common; that is time. It might be determined differently because of many factors or the consistencies of how you choose to use it. However, we are all blessed with a gift so precious that many who have passed this way would wish they had more time to do the things they planned! With this pledge, “if I had to do all over again, I would do things differently. I would make better use of it.” The moment of truth comes when we are left in limbo and time runs out without accomplishing our goals or dreams. How frustrating it is to think that we live our lives always procrastinating thinking that some day we will fulfill our dreams. It is said; “time waits for no man.” Don’t be caught in the trap of time inefficiency or insufficiency. Time is precious, neglecting it will always lead to regret.

I often hear people say, “I have time, I am young and the world is not getting away.” Those are trifle words of fruitlessness! If we fail to accomplish what we were created to do, we will spend the rest of our lives regretting those moments when we would have been happy living out our dreams and true potentials. It’s never too late to make a turn and start on the road to recover some of what you have lost. This might just be the day you make the switch; something you will never regret when you look back in years to come! 

The motors are rolling and the end seems far away, however, the motor moves forward because it never seems to have been programmed to take a backward motion. Many have been ambushed by letting their guards down waiting for an opportune time to make the right move, in so doing have lost their drive and enthusiasm through procrastination. Once the engine has started, there is no chance for it to stop going. Once we have stepped foot in this life, the clock of time starts; we are one day older. Our life is set in motion, there is no turning back. Set the right precedence for the road you face ahead. The machine of time will never stop running; no matter how frustrated you are about what’s happening around you even when your enthusiasm runs out the wheels of time keeps running even without your fuel to energize it.

Time is a currency; how you spend it determines your future returns! Your value is determined by where you spend your time. Time is the only capital that human has and the only thing he can’t afford to lose. When we learn to value time we lean to value lives and those around us. “Time is of more value than money, you can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Once time is gone, we can’t get it back so today I want to challenge you to become wise. Do not compromise your relationships and your health in the chase of unnecessary material possessions. Redeem the time you have lost in your moment of neglect and make time work for you. Accomplish your dreams, restore your rightful place and reflect with joy the moments spent reclaiming it.

Every day people are working long hours to build a life of material possessions while forgetting the time we have on earth is as it suggests only for a short period. Time is a gift from God and we must learn to value the time we have been given. The one who made time understand the concept. Even though he is not trapped in time, he knew that human would need time because of the process of life and the moments given to accomplish our assignments. 

“There is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.”

“What gain has the worker from his toil? I have seen the business that God has given to the children of man to be busy with. He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end. I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil—this is God’s gift to man.”

Hear the words of the wise. Begin to value time, no matter who or where you are, time is the currency we carry. Don’t let it run out on you!


Where do we go from here?

The impact of winter is everywhere; we are inundated with news of the wrecks and defects on highways, towns and Territories being compounded by the shifting waves of the environment as it takes shape to unleash its wrath on the unknown. However, as we move along, we will encounter the glories of spring as plants and shrubs spring back to life coming out of hibernation taking a new look at what humans has done in making a wreck trying to make thing better for themselves. The ground hogs have not given any indication that the way is clear so we retreat back into hibernation waiting for a flicker of light with promises that things are getting better. We will emerge into the sunshine of better and brighter days with hopes and dreams for new life. We set our sights on a city set on a hill whose light will never go dim.

Indeed there are some things we take for granted until someone pulls it apart and leaves things in chaos. How do you trade the things that has been proven to be good for us and replace them with things artificial and dead? Is it any wonder that our lifespan are changing into strapped version of the real thing. Being blinded by the promises of the future we run head on into a net of disappointments and frustrations. Now we spend our time trying to escape the trappings of insolence. Where do we go from here, who do we turn to? The questions are filling our hearts; skepticism prevails because we thought things would have been better but as we awoke from our slumber we discovered while we were at sleep, the creepy reapers came and stole our rights away. With no where and no one to turn to we are left in the heat of the night trying to maneuver but we are stock in the past with only promises for the future.

The battle has just begun, there’s no winning bets because all the offers have been withdrawn from the table. We are facing a blank slate with no point-man to manage our affairs. The things that hurts is the fact we don’t know who to trust. There are so many sharks swimming in the pool that the water has already turned bloody without a victim who we recognize. The question I will ask is: “Where do we go from here?” If we don’t rise up and take a stand, who will be there to speak for us or even recognize our presence!

Where are we going, what do we see on the horizon? Looking back we ask, where have we come from, do we see a change, any light in the tunnels? What have we accomplished, are there things we can look up to as monuments of success and change? Who can we turn to, where can we go? The answers are no where to be found so we keep on searching hoping for a turn around. Just like prisoners caught in the snare of their dysfunctions, we have been thrown behind the bars of complacency, regret and frustration. The time has come again to make a decision and only you can effect a change. Choose wisely!

People of the world equip yourselves for the time of reckoning. Can you cense the signs of the time? It is not too hard to figure out but only those with eyes will see! Take a good look at your situation and make a comparison. Are you satisfied with what you see? If not ask yourself the question: Where do I go from here? Make up your mind to take an unwavering stand for what you know is right without compromise. The future is in your hand, think wisely and don’t throw your rights away!


Affirmation is a solemn declaration that serves the same purpose as an oat. It is the act of affirming, asserting or stating something. Sometimes this could be positive or negative depending or the reasoning for the affirmation. However in the true sense I would look at affirmation in it’s simplest form of giving credibility to something or someone. To be affirmative is to give positive connotations; bring a cense of good will to the recipient.

We live in a society where it is easy talk negative and seek to pull down each other over the simplest of things. No wonder we fail as leaders even when we are trying our best to make good on our promises of not following the status quo; carving a path of our own while leading the way with honesty dignity and respect. Instead of always looking at the negatives we should spend some time with affirmation. It is good to be affirmed especially when you need it most. When you are in a situation that causes you to the think that you are all alone and no one cares. Just a kind word of encouragement would be a gesture that would make a difference and help in setting someone ablaze with possibilities helping to motivate and inspire them to greatness. When you affirms you give confidence to the one who is being affirmed. This might be the moment when you help to turn the tide breaking the bonds of destruction from their paths. Many great souls die for lack of affirmation and encouragement, they turn away slowly in despair not hearing words to lift their spirits.

Recently I was challenged by the story of a woman. She displayed strength in moments of hopelessness. A nation was under siege. It was a time when everyone was looking for leadership that was seemingly no where to be found. She was a one of a kind woman who inspite of being a wife did not seek to put herself first but but seek guidance in leading a nation being a judge. By now you would have guessed the name but just in case you are still wondering, her name was Deborah. She was not afraid to speak the truth while guiding a man who was complacent and unwilling to take up the challenge with the courage to defend a nation. She was a mother in Israel who would go to all lengths making sure her people was delivered from the evil and bondage of their oppressors.

Speaking the truth over and giving confidence to who you are and what you can become. Although she could have taken charge of the situation, she called on the man to wake up and see the indignity of the moment. He did not have the courage to go alone, he was motivated by a woman who was a tower of strength a trail blazer for justice. Her affirmation caused freedom to come to a people in distress.

Today we ask, are there any who would guide us while setting the paste for guidance and freedom. It is strange how we seek to tear down those who are trying their best to bring change while motivating others to greatness! Just a little affirmation will go a long way in turning the tide while blowing a breath of fresh air to our present situation. “Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.”

At this present moment we need an affirmer, one who doesn’t use his office to tear down and belittle but one who is a great motivator for good. It seems we have fallen to a low that will be difficult to recover from. In a moment of distress and chaos we need someone to light the lamp of dignity, triumph and honor. We need to raise the standard and raise it boldly awakening the future generation to greatness in the place of despair. Give us the affirmation and encouragement we need to last a generation. How will we look back at this moment in history? How do we want to be remembered? If we count the cost, we would be setting good examples for the youths to follow!

Shifting Sands

In a moment of ideas and differing views we have seen the shaking of times as we strode in times of unrest and social injustices. Times are shifting; moments when everything that can be shaken will be shaken. Never before have we seen so much disrespect for life, dignity and human culture. It is sad to say this but the writing is on the wall and there is no one capable of interpreting it. Everyday things are shifting and the moments of madness has caught us in a state of compromise. It’s time to stop look and listen to the signs that has emerged. We are traveling in a direction where the pendulum is swinging and the sliding pole has taken us into a place of the unknown. We listened to the clips as the comparisons are made; we are not far from those day of turmoil that was vowed never to return. However, I believe a great climax will take place; be prepared to advance into a time and season with hope and fulfillment. We are living in times of shifting sands.

The era of tweets and talks into Siberia silence where we will not meet the confronters face to face. There is hope for a brighter tomorrow and a peace that will surpass our imagination. Let us build our hope on the rock of all ages and rise up out of the dreads of a low life and living; off the shifting sands of time on to the rock of hope and promise.

The word is “Shifting Sands.” In life we must to be prepared to build. It might be things but at this point we want to focus on lives. Let us build our lives on a rock where we will not be shaken. Those who build on sands will be quickly removed and blown off course. A wise man build on rocks. Therefore they will not be shaken. When the storms of life comes because our foundation is deep we will stand firm. The foolish build on the sands and is being moved by the times and seasons. May God help us to be grounded on the rock that will withstand the pressures of time and into eternity!

Look at the times we live in! It is truly disturbing. Everyday there’s another school shooting. It has now become a norm. The empty promises are overbearing because there is no one willing to take a stand. Have you ever encountered a sand dune? It is a ridge of sand created by the wind and is found in deserts or near lakes and oceans. It is that moment when one find themselves sinking into a hole that seems to be without end. When we find ourselves in this condition we usually cry out for help hoping that there is someone or something too hold on to. Moments like these are very testing because only then we find out what we are made of or who our real friends are. We should never attempt to ride the shifting sands alone; we need codependency; someone to help us out of our mess being careful not to be blown too far off course to a place of no return.

When a nation is in the state of decline, it is on shifting sands and need a stabilizing force to hold it together. Who is going to be that anchor to carry us through the storm? We all have to decide because no man is able to take us to that place of comfort and ease. As much as we are afraid to admit it, God is the only true source of help. Only he can help us now! It is time we let go of our insecurities and hope in the shifting sands of time and trust in the rock of all ages to take us to our place of comfort and joy. Let go of the “Shifting Sands.”

Reckless love, choices we make.

Love is a word that evokes emotion, sometimes exotic and sometimes calm but strong. However, it can be dangerous when one become fanatic and things spiral out of control. It is the source of our existence; we were created to love. Love is not always easy but we owe it to ourselves to love without limitations and distraction. We can become slaves to the feeling we hold dear when surrounded with demands we are unable to fulfill. However, what ever happens, love is a word that demands actions and affection. Circumstances sometimes hindered us from achieving or living up to our true potential; love suffers with agonizing pain and frustration. It hold our minds hostage; we prefer not to be bothered with life’s challenges and look to the simpler ways of life. In a pensive mood we stop and think of life and it’s circumstances; where are we going; what does the future hold and what happens inspite of love. When we fall short with our obligations and love is hard to come by.

I recently heard a song which caught my attention. Though simple in its meaning it seems to be creating controversies and discussion about the meaning and what the writer innocently used to describe his thoughts and ideas. However, it is only because of reckless love we are able to survive in a world of challenges and despair. Who would dare to lavish love on one who is unlovable?

Reckless love! What is it that causes us to get in a frenzy about a word used in innocence. This causes me to examine the thoughts behind the lyrics! Reckless love is the act of abandoning all preconceived or known notions; loving without any regards for circumstances that would throw us off course. Loving despite difficult personalities. Acknowledging that you are not always acting within the guidelines of “safe”. Loving without the fear of being hurt. Purposefully finding uniqueness. Loving beyond the point of healthiness. Continuing to love despite not being loved or appreciated in return. Loving to a point that you act without letting anything effecting us or negativity even crossing your mind.

I love this song because it speaks to the personality of God. There is nothing that we could have done to make Him love us but He abandon everything and made the sacrifice to show his love for us. I don’t know what you would call it but to me that is reckless love! These lyrics draws you into a state of consciousness in that you have to think of a love so great that even when we are not worthy He gives himself for us. He showed reckless love!

The lyrics:

Before I spoke a word, You were singing over me You have been so, so good to me. Before I took a breath, You breathed Your life in me;You have been so, so kind to me.”

Who would be so kind as to love me and give himself for me? There is no argument that is worth the discussion to determine the love God has for us. You might not accept it but it took love beyond measure for him to love us that he gave himself for us, that is reckless love. A love so unconditional that we call it reckless. There is no need to even think of it any other way.

“Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine. I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.

When I was Your foe, still Your love fought for me. You have been so, so good to me. When I felt no worth, You paid it all for me You have been so, so kind to me

And oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God. Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine And I couldn’t earn it, and I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away. Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.”

It is overwhelming to even think of such love. Who would have thought that we’re so precious that we are on God’s mind? He did whatever it took to bring us back to him. It does not matter if you believe it or not; this is reckless love and there’s no doubt about it! He leave the ninety and nine to go after that one who goes astray even those who betrayed Him!

“Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God Oh, it chases me down, fights ’til I’m found, leaves the ninety-nine And I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, still, You give Yourself away Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.”

Wow! No other love could do it. It took reckless love to achieve such wonder!

No time to stop the chaos

It seems like a wild thing coming out of the old stories of medieval times; sometimes a struggle to love, hate, of disguise and betrayal but who cares? No one! However, chicken will come home to rouse and only then will the untold truth of stories come back to haunt us. The stories of horror, the agony of agonizing and the times of distress frustration and fear will all calumniate into a season of disgrace as we pass the time ignoring the symptoms never stopping to glance at the past. The pain of persuasion interaction and inaction will lead to influences but inadequacy has caused the mobility of the immobile to fail. However ignorance is of no excused i am told.

Never before in my wildest dreams could we have imagined times like these with all its ups and downs imaginary faces and places; we sucomb to the wild and fancies of a promise not kept. Emboldened by the battle of words succinct in the fantasy of imagination only Twitter will be able to explain. Only time will tell the stories untold as darkness springs to lighter the clouds that tries to shade our intelligence. The brightness of time will prevail through all eternity where it might find its resting place. Looking back at the past has caused us to wonder about where we are going. Though impossible to see, only our imagination can give us the eyes to peek into the future. All we see is frustration and disgust. What’s the point of even trying when the boulders are large and overpowering without any to help in moving such monuments.

As we march through time, we will fulfill destiny only when we become like a child who is simple and without a sense of hate. No more time for chaos and disgrace it is the time to motivate and spread hope to the hopeless who are in constant distress. The time is now but who is willing to take a stand that will effect change? A child shall lead them; even in skepticism a movement has started and a wind of change is coming. No one will be able to stop the motor as it revel into full speed. Those who has become skeptics will be left behind trying to catch-up only to have already lost their way. Let’s stop the chaos, stop the shame that surrounds us. The pain of the moment is too great to bear but we have an opportunity to make a change only if we use it!

Open Doors, a path to success or failure

In the midst of the hustle and challenges that we face in this season, there are opportunities that comes our way which set a precedence for how things will shape our lives for the future. There’s no need to be stressed about the future because opportunities can be doors to progress or retardation; this depends on how you choose to look at what’s before you. However, we are the determining factor that will cause us to succeed or fail. Please put first things first and leave the rest to God; He will determine what will succeed.

Jesus says “I place before you an open door that no man can shut.” Just think of the opportunities that is ahead of you in this new season. Think of the many blessings you are afforded coming into a new year with so much potentials. As we enter into this new year and a new season we will have to make up our minds to go through these doors that will lead to self connectivity and spiritual renewal.

Doors are built in different sizes because they represent different challenges and opportunities. However, we must be careful of the opportunities presented. If we fail to recognize the path to success, we can spend the rest of our life’s searching in regret. Opportunities lost is hard to regain! Procrastination we are told is the thief to time; therefore it is urgent when opportunities presents themselves we take up the challenges and go through the doors that are open to us.

The year is already started and well on it’s way. Soon we will hear the refrain, “where did it all go.” The question is, did you make use of the opportunities presented or are you still waiting for that so call right time to use the resources that you have been blessed with to fulfill your potential and make the commitment to an open door of self advancement? There no more time for procrastinating; now is the time for commitment and devotion to a cause that is greater than anything that has been a challenge in the pass. Determine to do something great. Make a difference by walking through the doors that are open to success. It does not matter how difficult it might seem, God will make a way if you are committed to him. By doing so we are assured of opening the door of success.