The road ahead; Is there hope for tomorrow

As I sit and reminiscence about the past and look to the future, I look with hope for a brighter tomorrow despite the challenges that is ahead. The dust has settled on the past year; soon we will forget the moments, the challenges and the tragedy. We have survived the pain and heartbreaks the most difficult moments with its up’s and down. Let us not forget who it was that guided us through moments of despair. History will mark the year and all its highlights. We will see these times as moment with different points of view but the one thing for which we will be grateful, we were part of those historic moments.

God has given us a mandate; we cannot think with a narrow mind or look through a tiny microscope because this universe is too large to ignore. I am not about to make New Year’s resolution because they never work even when you try. My question is, are there hope for tomorrow; is there anything hopefully to look forward to? It depends on your outlook on life! Think of where you want to be and set goal to reach them. Things will not change by thinking alone you must plan, create strategy and find ways to implement your plans. We are all procrastinators and before you know it time will pass and we will look back and wonder what has happened. Work with urgency to fulfill those goals make this effort part of your daily breathing habit.

It was just yesterday I was thinking that I was the youngest in my group but today as I look back I have graduate to the top of the class wondering how did I get here; now I am the one they are calling old. Is this true? What is oldness it is just a season by which we have graduate to someone more meaningful with so much more to offer. One thing is for sure we are smarter and wiser and we have the experience and the foresight to see far into the future.

Is there hope for tomorrow? Yes, there is! The government and the politician may let us down, things might not have turned out the way we thought but there is hope and there is safety in unity. The struggle has begun, let us not be side step by empty promises; we have already seen the trends that is set. Join the struggle and come together to fight for our future, our children and our grandchildren they are the ones who is inheriting the mess that is going on. However, we need not worry because God has it all in control. The word is: “don’t worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself. Sufficient for today is the evil there of. Don’t worry be happy!

With that said, yes there is hope for tomorrow. We who have hope beyond this present moment will one day graduate and be at peace forevermore. We have a mandate and that is to spread love even in the face of hate. No matter the circumstances, let us give love a chance!

A Nation in distress;too numb to perceive.

Should it become a case of bewilderment or a time of abandonment? The charge is left for us to sort through. The case is closed and the jury has returned with the verdict. Just as that infamous case of the pass when some gasp in unbelief, the ghost has returned to haunt us just like the Halloween masquerade of the past all wrapped in a mask. I say it is too late for those who are mourning the lost and the hopelessness and a feeling of despair. It is time to awake the sleeping giant, mobilize; don’t just sit in despair looking for someone to blame for your inadequacy, lack of vision and foresight.

Can anyone imagine that in a modern day where information is key and is at your own fingertips that we have so much disconnect. It is said that at least forty percent of the folks who are eligible to do so did not vote! What travesty? May I ask the question: why? Why bombard the cities making a mess trying to create tension when you were given a chance to change the outcome but failed in your civic duty? It makes no sense to me!

Are we disappointed? Yes, we are! But it is time to move on lick your wounds dust yourself off and begin to mobilize. Don’t be caught off guard when the ball is in your court. This message might be simple but it is sure and it is short; “Get over it.” We have a nation to build and a country to mold. Let’s look at the brighter side or we will live in despair. The race is not for the swift or the battle for the strong but for the ones who endures.

My message is give love a chance! It will be the force that break all barriers, the cure to every pain and the material to rebuild with after the storm has passed. I would like to use the words of my friends Skillet who I find very interesting as a musical group. They speak to the things that move me.

“I am a nation’ I am a million faces, formed together, made for elevation I am a soldier, I won’t surrender. Faith is like a fire that never burns to embers (Who’s gonna stand up, who’s gonna fight?) The voice the unheard. (Who is gonna break those chains and lies?) Love is the answer. I gotta speak it, believe it, that’s how I feel inside. I, I, can’t, can’t sit here quiet.” “This is how we rise up. Heavy as a hurricane, louder than a freight train.”

With all the distress of the events taking place, let us all hope for a great future in which all human kine will exist in peace and harmony making the globe a better place. Let us end this year with the joys of the season knowing that Christ came to give us life and that more abundantly.

The Name is ignoramus

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine a situation than what has developed before our very eyes. It seems that sanity has been replaced by what I would call crazyassaoptics. Just in case you might be wondering, this is a word that I choose to coined because this seems to be the world or place we are living in. You call them crazyass-a-optic because they seem to be flickering in their mind while maneuvering in a sense of delusion about the people they are trying to gain.

I know that this nation was birthed on blood sweat and tears. It is one thing we would never forget. We are reminded of this daily even as we listen to the rants and charges being dished out in the media daily. We should never be side swiped to forget that as life returns to normal the common man is all too soon forgotten; left alone to rest in peace with one big nail in our coffin. Who is it that is willing to fight for the cause after the dust settles? What happen to wages and the cost of living? The common man must work two and three jobs just to make ends meet while the people at the top boast of the profits made. They live in fear every time the markets crash unable to get along on the bare bones of what they give us for working long and weary hour in distressful conditions. I don’t know what you would call them but to me they are ignoramus; crazyassaoptics! They are unable to see through the smoke they are puffing into the minds of the simple!

What about the monster in the room? They never knew that was what they were creating! Now it has been created and are trolling the stages they are running wild and burring their head in the sand of time with regret. The monster is loose and there is no one to capture him. Every time he opens his mouth, ignoramus comes out. There is a saying, what goes around must come around. The law of gravity is what goes up must come down. Why are you running when it starts to come down? It makes no sense!! I say it is a crazyassaoptics!

Years ago, I heard a song which says, “Who let the dawg out” well, can you tell me? Some are saying that they can’t make a choice because either way the options are bad. My question is, can you afford not to participate? Your silence is still a choice and the consequences are what you must live with. You cannot say I did not participate because you did weather you know it or not. It does not matter what’s your belief or persuasion you have a choice to make and a duty to fulfill. Step out into the light and shine as a star. You have a country to build and country to mold: take charge of your destiny by making the choices you will be proud to live with. Really; I would hate to be looked at as a crazyassaoptics or be remembered as ignoramus!

The lies are pouring in but let it not be more than your vote. It is time to take a stand as the song says: “Get up stand up, stand up for your rights. Don’t give up the fight.” The price is too high for you to squander the moment and forfeit your opportunity. Please don’t be that crazyassaoptics or be remembered as ignoramus!


We all have the same questions. However, the reasons we ask is not the same.  Why presents us with a broad spectrum for conversation and reasoning. The answers are never the same. Why? For what reason? What is the cause or the purpose that something exists or is done made or used?  Why am I here? The question goes on and on! What course of action needs to be taken or what suggestion do I need in order to avoid irritation or annoyance. The question that is still burning inside is, Why?

Truth be told there are more questions than answer. However, we are still looking for answers to all the injustices taking place around us! What is it we have to do to avoid the mental distresses and the pain suffered daily. The problem is we are being pushed and there is no place of retreat or so it seems. I have tried to ignore the system and move on but I must admit it is becoming unbearable. I must use the only means I have to speak up with a hope of stirring your emotion into positive action.

It has been such a common thing that we are starting to feel numb from the pain; the diagnosis is nowhere to be found and the cure is out of reach.  Why, what is the reason for another police brutality? Is this a game where the ones with the most bounty wins? It seems that you don’t have to do anything to be killed by a cop if you are black. Why are they threatened at the presence of a black man? We are already in the minority in every sense; economically just to allude to a few circumstances. The question is why we are treated less than a household pet? What is the intended desired result; the end, aim or goal? It makes me sick when I see someone going to the media bewailing about a lost or missing animal when we as blacks are being treated less than! Why does a pet get more love and sympathy than a living breathing human? It is time to wake up and see the demons lurking ready to attack!

I ask the question, why, what is happening to black men in America? This seems to be the continuation of the racial violence of the past. In the past, our ancestors knew that they were victims of a destructive racial system and fought to break the yoke of slavery, racism and segregation. This disease was part of the system that was rooted in the slave masters as they used us for their economic gain. Be that as it may the slave masters has not yet recovered from the injustices handed out so just like in South Africa they are still afraid that the black man is intent on attack looking to take revenge. Even when we are respectable citizen of our community, we are being labeled as tugs rapists and robbers. Fear for what they did and are doing and making excuses for their reckless behavior.

Can you believe that we are told every American has civil liberties! However, those who have sworn to protect these rights of citizens are the ones who are denying them to black men in the full view of the public thanks to the digital age. What used to be denied and thrown out in the dark can no more be hidden. It doesn’t take anything it seems for a cop to pull the Triger. This unmitigated violence and killings of black men by police officers is a total denial of the dignity and value of the life of black men. Being a black male in America makes you a potential criminal, a suspect, a trouble maker, and a dangerous person. Being a black male means that white police officers should “fear” you and “protect” themselves and society from you in a most violent manner. You may ask, are you angry? Hell yes I am angry because if we do not speak up and make our voices be heard they take it for granted that no one cares. The evidence cannot be denied! Even when it is plain for all to see yet there is always a story to justify the criminal acts and racist behavior!!

The question is, Is this the land of the free and home of the brave? Then why the killing and the brutality? Those who are not black will never understand why black lives matter. You can try to argue it away by saying all lives matter and yes they do but you are not confronted with the same things we are confronted with on a daily basis. Covert racism on the job when you are being judge before you even start. You are looked upon as being lazy even when you are given the most difficult and dangerous tasks and are fired for taking a break standing to take a breath.

Let us be resolute and determine even in times of severe stress. Remain objective because they can never keep a good man down. Always remember that there is going to be payday someday. They might not believe but that doesn’t change anything; time will tell because what goes around will come around. The question is Why? The reason, the purpose and the cause!


“With Liberty and Justice for all”

What does it mean to be free? What is the qualification or the criteria for freedom? I know that wars have been fought and lives lost in the pursuit of freedom. Many worlds have been turn upside down all in pursuit of justice but the voices are still crying out hoping to ease the pain of injustice. We are at the mill of time looking for hope grinding another day longing to see the light of a promise long forgotten buried in despair. We ask, where is the liberty and where is the justice for all?

The voice of the freedom fighters are still turning in their graves because the promises have been forgotten and we are on a backward path where no freedom reign. I am sorry to make you sad with my writing but the truth is, we are all asking where is the liberty and justice for all! Do you remember those moments when turmoil was raging as the fight for freedom marched on: The moments when it was brutality and fear that prevailed? Take a look at the things we are facing today and ask yourself seriously where is the freedom and justice for all.

I am tired; we are all tired of listening to the media as they announce the event of the days, weeks, months and year. Less you prejudge my blog take a look inward and see the turmoil as events unfold. It is not just people on people or police on people but it can be found in the very fabric of our nation which leads me to ask where is the liberty and justice for all. This should be the time for a moment of silence as we remember the lives lost through tragic events. We must not forget even if the circumstances are things we would rather forget. The way to never repeat the same mistakes is to write them into our innermost being so that we will remember history and never repeat the past!

Today is a very solemn moment in time. It is the anniversary of nine eleven and we all are reminded of that moment when the news came; we reflect on what we were doing at that moment and the horror we felt. Year have pass with some consolation that at least some justice was served even as we seek to dig deeper and bring those responsible to justice. However even as we think of this and the many atrocities that are still taking place around us we can’t help but ask, “Where is the liberty and justice for all.”

How can we forget the Revolutionary Era, the Antislavery Movement and of course the Civil Rights Movement? Of course not; these events set the tone and the course of action for a movement that sometimes seems forgotten.  For the people who struggle to maintain the movement their work must not be forgotten with the passage of time. From the Rosa Parks Bus boycott, MLK junior who protested with dignity to George Washington’s humble camp cot and the rocking chair Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated, we can look back on the journey; America’s fight for freedom and celebrate the courage to maintain it. However, when I walk onto a jobsite or in our surroundings; the sense of despair the rolling back of what it seems were gains. The inequality in pay and the injustices of covert bigotry I can’t help but ask, where is the freedom and justice for all.

The time has come to break the silence and speak with dignity; we do not have to hang our heads in shame for the road has been paved with the blood of the mortars leaving us with a foundation to build upon. Let us run with the torch as the light burn never to be put out by the wind of time and change. Because one day we will be proud to say there is freedom and justice for all! I rest my case!!!!


It is a solemn moment in time when every day we wake up to what seems to be dwindling hope. We have to face our fears of what can happen or what will eventually be based on the events that surrounds us daily. The bible asked this question: what is man that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you visit him? We are made a little lower than the angels and are crown with glory and honor. Even with such words or question we have to look at our surroundings and ask the question; Is there any hope?

How do you define hope? What do you think about when you hear the word hope? Is there a sense of purpose that drive you to hold on to what seems impossible? Hope gives us the reason to look beyond the things that affects us; the things that would drive us to the point of no return. It is looking to the future with expectation for change. It says that there is a brighter day coming with great anticipation for a positive turn around: A cause with a common goal to fight for what is unknown.  In light of the things going on around us today we do not see much, we do not believe much and we do not expect too much. However, hope in itself offers real insight into the future and the great possibilities that is ahead. We all hope for a brighter tomorrow but that also takes faith in pursuit of the goal.

Someone says that hope is: “to cherish a desire with anticipation, to desire with expectation of obtainment, to expect with confidence, to hope without any basis for expecting fulfillment.”

Hope for me is define as: Human Opportunity Privileges and Empowerment. This is my definition of what hope is. I see it this way because in spite of the challenges we face, there is still time to make the adjustment and contribute to a better tomorrow. Be optimistic; expect the best in spite of what you see happening around you. Even when all seems lost and the world around you are dark look with confidence and cherish the desire with great anticipation for tomorrow.

In a world where there is chaos and a dwindling sense of hope many are left to fend for themselves because of the situation created by those they trust to lead them to utopia. Promises have been made but are broken which throw nation and societies into turmoil. Many are weeping as they remember yesterday and are now force to face the future in lack, fears and mistrust. They are asking; Is there any hope? In the matter of globalization, hope is focused on economic and social empowerment. I will ask the question! Really? I look at what is happening in our world and a differing set; a value system that seems out of reach for the common man but once again hope deferred is not hope lost!

The bible says that, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life.” The question is asked by Job; What strength do I have, that I should still hope? What prospects, that I should be patient? The answer I would say is summed up in this: But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish. In spite of all that is happening around us let us take heart because the future is bright even though it might look dark at present. Know this, anyone who is among the living has hope. Even a live dog is better that a dead lion! There is not more time for doubt and fear; hold on to hope and you will be alright!

The strength to survive

The events of the last month have left us thinking about life from a different perspective. It’s not just the things that are happening naturally as they occur daily; I am force to look at things through the eyes of the spirit or from a supernatural perspective. I would like to give respect and send condolences to those have lost so much in the most recent events. No one would like to go through such horror and terror. With this in my mind it is not very kind for anyone to make these events a target for condemnation no matter what your belief. It is a time to light the light instead of cursing the darkness. Let’s have some heart and reach out to those affected with love and compassion! When a candle is lit it exposes the darkness thereby giving hope and comfort to those in need. We are true champions; we fight to win!

We are all under siege! In the moment of physical attacks there are also spiritual attack against our soul and our faith. We are survivors and no one, no human, no devil or demons will be able to keep us down because we know our God and he always win. We are more than conquerors; our faith stands strong!

Just recently I came across a song by Skillet written by: John and Korey Cooper. These lyrics spoke to me in a powerful way because they reflect the sentiments of my heart. Hope you share the sentiments because it is time to stand up and say no to the systems that tries to hold us bound.

“Death surrounds, my heartbeat’s slowing down. I won’t take this world’s abuse
I won’t give up or refuse. This is how it feels when you’re bent and broken.
This is how it feels when your dignity’s stolen. When everything you love is leaving.
You hold on to what you believe in.

The last thing I heard was you whispering goodbye! And then I heard you flatline. No, not gonna die tonight; We’ve gotta stand and fight forever (don’t close your eyes) no, not gonna die tonight. We’ve gotta fight for us together; no, we’re not gonna die tonight.”

These are serious times, we cannot sit by idle and hope that things will change by itself. We are the conduits of change but we have to know how to make the connection. Light the lamp of love, reach out and take back our territory from the hands of the enemy. Fear should not prevail. It is time for war on the enemy! Enough is enough. Talk is cheap, let gear up and take the challenge to the gates of the enemy. Let him know that we are not gonna die tonight. We are armed with the strength to survive!

The writer continues, “Break their hold; cause I won’t be controlled. They can’t keep their chains on me when the truth has set me free. This is how it feels when you take your life back. This is how it feels when you finally fight back, when life pushes me I push harder. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Don’t you give up on me; you’re everything I need. This is how it feels when you take your life back. This is how it feels when you fight back. We’ve gotta fight for us together. No, we’re not gonna die tonight.”

We have come a long way, there is no need to turn back now. We will survive the test of time; our spirit will not be broken. For those who are silent it is time to speak up. Those who are relaxing it is time to get up. Let us not lose our voice in the time of crisis; every action sends a statement therefore it is time to be proactive. Are you standing on the fence? We need you to get up and take a hold of your future. Make a bold statement, raise the alarm. Say no to injustice; determine you are going to win. We’re not gonna die tonight!