A moment in time brings us into a new era where we were thought in history of the events that changed our world. It was with the discovery of the new world and the mistrust that surround it which led us to believe what we have been thought. However time has passed and we accept the terms of agreement and engagement that has been trussed upon us even when we question the truth as recorded in history. Did that man from Genoa discovered the west? This is something I have always asked myself! Whatever the result we can all agree change took place that transform our region and the world. The stage was set for something that would bring us into alignment with the ideologies and mysteries of change. However let me digress!

We are agents of change. We have evolved into a function of relentless process in which it is inevitable that changes will come our way. Even our physical selves have changed as we aged and are exposed to the elements and the different environmental extremes of social changes and behavior. What is change and why do we engaged in it? To put it simply, change is something different from what it would be if left alone.  It is a transformation or conversion into a different state of being. It is a substitution for something else, be it good or not so good.

When I think of changes on the human level, I am reminded of the changes and transformation that takes place in the life of a person when they are being transformed into a new creäture in Christ. This is a conscious decision made by an individual when he accept Christ as savior and make him Lord of their lives. How can a person who is so notorious in one extreme be converted into an outstanding citizen and live a life that is recognized by those with whom he has association. We might call this a miracle but never-the-less we recognized this change that has taken place and have become adapted to such.

Can anyone doubt the process of change? Behavioral change plays a vital role in our society.  We are being force to accept certain behavioral changes because someone or a group of people think it is strange not to accept the form of human behavior that is unnatural to human tendencies.  This change and the process of diabolical behavior is protected under the cloud or covering of the law while at the same time in direct conflict and violation of the laws of God! Progressive changes will take place in our society when we take control of the issues that help to separate and divide as we face a culture of injustice. We can become a people of tolerance, love for life and the dignity for the human race. Sorry if you are a bit confused at the word and thoughts I am trying to convey. It was meant to be this way! Hope you are able to read between the lines and interpret the parable. Change will have to take place if we are to make worthwhile contribution in the face of extreme violence and opposition.

Everyone wants to change and as such we make resolution that is sometimes hard to keep. The process can be daunting and requires strong determination; involves a real commitment of time, effort and emotion if it is to be successful in any part. Are we willing to change? How far will we go to carry out our goal in the process of human behavior? Think about this! For the process of change to take place, there must be a readiness on the part of the person in this process. We count the cost of change and make the determination that we are up to the task. However do not forget there are barriers to change, this makes it even more difficult to be successful. We have all gone the ways of the resolutions but in a moment of time not too long from the start we relapse and are back to where we started.

Change is a welcome sign. It conveys the message which say we are ready to move ahead. However this could also be a barrier to progress. Change in technology has caused us to be aware of the injustices taking place in our nation. With the advent of cell phones, no one can deny the injustices and brutality we see almost daily in the media. Once denied under the cover of law and security, it is now being exposed as extreme cruelty. The skeletons are now coming out of the shadows and into the light. Technological change is the invention of technologies and their commercialization via research and development.  The continual improvement of technologies has caused it to become less expensive. This give the ordinary folks a tool in their hand for the use of defense against ruthless behavior, against police brutality. The diffusion of technologies throughout society involves disruption and convergence.

On a more serious note, there is process of change. How we are equipped to handle these processes will make the transition smooth or rugged. First in order for there to be change, we have to look at our current situation and decide where we are versus where we want to be. We have to be aware of the need for change. Is our current situation satisfying us or is it time to move ahead? Change is a motor skill because it will never take place when we are standing still. The desire must be there. We have to be willing to make the transition to reach our future goals. This is not surprising because we are constantly involved in changes be it governmental, organizational or personal change. Change can be satisfying if manage properly. However we need the knowledge on how to change. Many have the awareness and the desire but lack the knowledge how to make a start. These folks are who we call procrastinators! They need the ability to carry out the required or acquired skills and behaviors. After change have taken place, there must be reinforcement to sustain those changes. It brings with it a reward and the satisfaction of worthwhile accomplishments.  Change is inevitable; be willing to be adoptable!



My Personal God

I am about to raise your eyebrow! What I am writing might be controversial however it might worth the conversation. If you think it is, well, that is the intent! Recently I have pondered the idea of God and the more I pondered the more I tend to see Him as transitive.

Our held belief was, God is a God of one kind. Oh! Oh! Did I just say that? Wow! When I think of God I see Him as transformational i.e. transitive to our own person. Please hold your hat and listen before you judge! I would like to let you know that I have a personal God! His design is focus in different ways. The more I think about it the more it seems true in every sense.

We are diverse; we come from every nation and cultural background. Everyone think of God in a different way, in ways that relate to them and their teaching. Some folks like to debate about God being a black or white man or of some other race. What do you think? This is a provocative question! To me I see Him as red (Through the blood).

Before you decide to tune me out, let’s have a mature and healthy conversation. We are adults; we have our learned ways of who God is; therefore we should not be confined to thinking inside the box. It seems we have allowed ourselves to be confined for too long. I am saying this because God cannot be confined to time and space. So why not believe that we all have our own personal God. He meets us on our personal level. Note; I did not say gods!

Let’s not become confused about our belief; I will set the record straight. There is only one God; He is the God Head of the Trinity. He is awesome in power and might! To me he is personal, adoptable to my situation and need. To those who need him more, He is more, to those who need Him less, He is less. Therefore I say that He is adoptable. He works in your situation the way you allow Him to work. He is “My personal God.”

It took a while to set the ground rule but I had to set the record straight. Some might be confused and take this out of context. We all have our personal God; because of this we experience Him in diverse ways. We have been thought that He is one God made to fit someone’s idea of who He is. I see Him differently. My God is adoptable, incredible, awesome, approachable and all-powerful. My question for you is: How is your personal God? My personal God never changes, He supplies all my needs; He loves the world and He wants to be your personal God!

Some might want you to approach God in a particular manner that is tailor-made and universal to all i.e. same for all situations. Well, I cannot blame them because that’s how they were thought. We all experience God in different ways. Your experience of Him might be totally different from mine; though it might seem complex; this is what we face each day in our journey. I say that God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must do so in spirit and truth. It is my belief that if you follow these simple rules, He will become adoptable to your situation and will become your personal God!

Give yourself a break and see God for who He is. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords; the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is coming again a second time to claim His own. He is: “My Personal God!”