The Name is ignoramus

Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine a situation than what has developed before our very eyes. It seems that sanity has been replaced by what I would call crazyassaoptics. Just in case you might be wondering, this is a word that I choose to coined because this seems to be the world or place we are living in. You call them crazyass-a-optic because they seem to be flickering in their mind while maneuvering in a sense of delusion about the people they are trying to gain.

I know that this nation was birthed on blood sweat and tears. It is one thing we would never forget. We are reminded of this daily even as we listen to the rants and charges being dished out in the media daily. We should never be side swiped to forget that as life returns to normal the common man is all too soon forgotten; left alone to rest in peace with one big nail in our coffin. Who is it that is willing to fight for the cause after the dust settles? What happen to wages and the cost of living? The common man must work two and three jobs just to make ends meet while the people at the top boast of the profits made. They live in fear every time the markets crash unable to get along on the bare bones of what they give us for working long and weary hour in distressful conditions. I don’t know what you would call them but to me they are ignoramus; crazyassaoptics! They are unable to see through the smoke they are puffing into the minds of the simple!

What about the monster in the room? They never knew that was what they were creating! Now it has been created and are trolling the stages they are running wild and burring their head in the sand of time with regret. The monster is loose and there is no one to capture him. Every time he opens his mouth, ignoramus comes out. There is a saying, what goes around must come around. The law of gravity is what goes up must come down. Why are you running when it starts to come down? It makes no sense!! I say it is a crazyassaoptics!

Years ago, I heard a song which says, “Who let the dawg out” well, can you tell me? Some are saying that they can’t make a choice because either way the options are bad. My question is, can you afford not to participate? Your silence is still a choice and the consequences are what you must live with. You cannot say I did not participate because you did weather you know it or not. It does not matter what’s your belief or persuasion you have a choice to make and a duty to fulfill. Step out into the light and shine as a star. You have a country to build and country to mold: take charge of your destiny by making the choices you will be proud to live with. Really; I would hate to be looked at as a crazyassaoptics or be remembered as ignoramus!

The lies are pouring in but let it not be more than your vote. It is time to take a stand as the song says: “Get up stand up, stand up for your rights. Don’t give up the fight.” The price is too high for you to squander the moment and forfeit your opportunity. Please don’t be that crazyassaoptics or be remembered as ignoramus!


Decisions; is it yours to make?

When I was a child I thought as a child but when I became a man I put away childish things! This is what we were thought or expect to happen but it might not be always the case. I know that this is already a bit controversial. However I would like to play with your minds for a while and cause you to think seriously about this.

As a child you are controlled by your parents or guardians. We depend almost entirely on them for help in making the right decisions. When we go wrong they are there to correct us and help us to overcome difficulties. “But when we become men we put away childish things!”

As a man or let’s say, as a person we have to rely on ourselves to make the right choices. Sometimes this is not easy because we live in a turbulent society and are faced with so many challenges that distracts us; it is hard to do the right thing at times and stay focus.

We have a society that seem to have lost its morals and are determined to be its own judge and jury.  To be a part of a civil society we must come to grip with the law and ethics and other things that is around us. For instance, how do we as men stand up for ourselves in the midst of a society that seeks to control even the morals essence of human dignity? We have to become strong men in tough times!

Time is slipping away; we are being controlled by those who control the media and are setting the standard that seems to govern our society. Do you ever wonder why we have so much senseless crimes in our society? It is because of our moral decay! When those who are trusted with the responsibility to make a change decide to be silent, then the wheels of degradation and distress will continue to turn and it is anyone’s guess where the motor will stop next.

The question is: Decisions; is it yours to make?

When making a decision it is the choice between possible actions. With that decision is a choice; the selection between two or more objects. Decision making can be regarded as the mental processes resulting in the selection of a course of action among several alternative scenarios. Every decision-making process produces a final choice. The output can be an action or an opinion of choice. Some people will tell you I did not take part so I did not make any decision. To that I would say you are mistaken because even your silence produces result and often it is one that you will not like.

We often complain about the ills of our society; too many gun violence and murders and we say why someone doesn’t do something about it! Do you remember the last time you had the opportunity to make a difference? What did you do? Stand on the sideline and hope for the best? If we are going to help change our society we have to do so block by block one neighborhood at a time but we will have to make that decision to take part.

I often wonder why gang violence is so prevalent. What are the cause and the cure for such behavior! First what is a gang?

A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or other forms of illegal behavior. The fact as I have stated, these are decisions that have been made those decisions have produced evil consequences; we all have to live with them. The decision is ours to make and the time is now. Don’t be on the side-line and wait until it’s too late. The decision is your to make!

Just recently we heard of another innocent victim that killed. What is the reason you may ask! The thing is, Gang members typically have to prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence; this might be the cause for such innocent killings. Again I must state that the decisions are ours to make. We cannot be on the sideline and hope for the best. One day it might be too late and the effect might be staring you in the face with grief and pain leaving you with the question; why me?

Decision making regardless to whether you like to or not, it’s yours to make! It is critical that we make good decision. Gang leaders have to make critical decision. However wrong,  those who follow are subjected to his decision. Decision making is an essential leadership skill. Therefore learning how to make timely, well-considered decisions can lead your team to well-deserved success. If, however, you make poor decisions, your time as a leader will be brutally short.

As a leader you must have the leadership skills necessary to guide your team to success. How good is your leadership skill? First, are you willing to be led? If you are, then it will be easy to lead. This is critical in determining your style of leadership. Remember we are talking about decision-making! Therefore you have to understand how to handle power effectively.

I know that I can continue to state more facts of interest but I just want to stir your mind to stop and think. Yes! Decisions are your to make so stand up and be counted before it is too late!