Destined to win

Did you know that you were born to be a success and not a failure? Think about it and you will understand that everyone regardless to their status in life, started the very same way; with nothing! You were born into this world with nothing. However, because of the family you were born into, it helped to determine your social path throughout life. This might raise an eyebrow but look at it this way; if you were born into a poor family you have to struggle three times as hard to make it in life. If you were born into a rich family, your destiny has already been determined by your parents who made sure you will have a well set future.

When you were formed in your mother’s womb, it was not an accident; you were meant to be here in this place in this moment and time. Some folks might think otherwise but you were ordained to be a part of this generation. God said you were fearfully and wonderfully made. Just think of this and let it simmer for a while. No one can deny the awesomeness of Gods creation, everything about you is different. You might be told that you are no good, there is no use for you, nobody loves you; that’s a lie. You are a very special person with a very special purpose. You were created to win!

There are those who will see you as different; not part of what they define as part of there inner circle, they can’t handle your uniqueness; they have the problem; not you. Hold your head up high and claim your status, life has a cycle and you were chosen to be a part of it. You are a winner, an overcomer, a success, you were born to win that’s the truth! You might have been told differently by your haters or your pairs, that doesn’t matter. You are loved and you are lovely, you are special. You were put together in the most incredible way. No matter who tries, you cannot be duplicated. Your finger print is different, your DNA is different. Believe you are a gem; a VIP and you are a part of a divine destiny with an inheritance that cannot be taken away or destroyed by human! You are destined to win. It’s your destiny!

Don’t be tricked by those who choose to be blinded by your beauty. Stand tall throw back your shoulders and announce to the world you are here. Your inner beauty far out shines the external and that’s the affairs of the heart. There aren’t no stopping you now you are on the move. Love yourself and you will be loved. You were destined to win so be a winner!

Strangers in the land

More than four thousand years have passed since we heard of the story of a people displaced and their return into the land of promise. Since then things have evolved. However, strange things have set the tone for humanity to repeat the dark and dismal days of those unfortunate incidences. The moments in time when unrest and chaos ruled the nations in a world of turmoil and distress is upon us. No one seems to have recognized the trends that is leading us back to a place where tyrant once ruled. They were strangers in the land hoping for a new day and a new beginning. So many had hope for a brighter future apart from the hardship and turmoils they endured. Their displacement and feeling of despondency caused them to lose hope. The hope for a brighter tomorrow was clouded in despair. It seemed there was no way out of the traps which held them bound. However, as strangers they had a promise of new beginning.

As a people we have endured over four hundred years of slavery; the burden of injustice tried to break our spirit yet we live on. We were beaten and humiliated, families torn apart but just like dust we rose up from the trenches of anguish and despair; we bored the sorrow and pain hoping for change. Taken from the bottom of ships and sold to the highest bidder yet we live on. Where is the promise of sunshine, the light at the end of the tunnel? Those who profit from our misery are still enjoying the fruits of their ancestors while denying us a place and a purpose for us to grow unhindered. Time has crept up on us yet the dark voices of slavery is crying out from yonder graves; it’s a cry for freedom, a cry for a place we can turn to so that we will no more be strangers in the land of liberty a monument of hope placed on our shores. There are moments it seems we have cross the threshold of time but the cycle has never been broken and so we are here at the junction of injustice crying for mercy to capture us and set us free from the pain. Look at what we have done, look at where we are; we are at the precipice of extinction waiting to be rescued. We run for our lives from our tormentors yet shot from behind; dying in the streets and in the fields. Injustices rules a nation where color is the monopoly that determines who is right or who is wrong.

Time has past but we find ourselves where we started. They are placed in cages, in a holding cells ripped apart from their families, displaced in modern hell. Yet no one has the answers to where they are going. The turbulence of time and the moments of despair has returned to a people seeking refuge. They came to liberty but alas liberty is no more; it has closed it’s doors. The rulers of destiny has become inpassionate turning their back on those crying out for help. What or who have we become? Where has manifest destiny gone? Children are now living as strangers in the land not having an identity and no parents they can turn to. The story is too familiar; it is time we open up our eyes and see the similarities of the times. Are we creating an identity crisis just like times before when generations will be forever lost not knowing who they really are? Let those who are fighting to be elected put things into perspective and focus on reality of the moment rather than lining their pockets with wealth gathered from their empty promises. It’s time to stop the madness and have empathy for those who are strangers in the land.

This behavior is very similar to the times we were taken from our mother land. We were dispersed to every corner of the globe without compassion. Mothers lost their love ones, fathers lost their sons leaving us without an identity. We had no way to identifying who we really were, where we came from and the true roots of our ancestry. We were strangers in the land looking for a place to rest our weary souls. Although we have come this far, the question still remains: Are we heading for the mountaintop looking with anticipation hoping there’s sunshine when the dreams of tomorrow will bring a brighter day? Hate and violence is taking it tole while the flames of hate captures a nation led by an image made of Iron and Clay. Let’s put aside our indifferences and work towards the renewal of human dignity. Though the writing is on the wall, the interpretation can be words of success. It is time to live in peace and harmony instead of being “Strangers in the land!”


In our human experiences situation develop which sometimes takes us to places unknown. It might be for reasons beyond our wildest dreams that we become attached to things not expected. The word says to everything there is a time and a season and purpose for everything under heaven. With this in mind we can look at things that comes our way and understand the relationship and driving force that follows. Timing is the process of opportunity gain or lost.

In life timing is everything! You might choose not to believe but that does not change the reality of the matter. Look at our vast universe; it is divide into times and seasons. Nothing can hold these seasons back; when it is time for them to change, nature will have its free course. The wind and the rain the sunshine and the cold all depends on timing. I never hear anyone say that the timing of the weather is out of sync with nature. It is all determine by the creator the seasons for change.

Now that I have set up something for you to think about, let me continue by saying that timing is eternal; it has no beginning or ending. However, we are able to measure time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years. We call it past, present and future. Every day I get up I say a prayer; I thank my creator for the moment that is and for what was; I also thank him for what is to come knowing that only He decide what will be. Many men have tried to shape our destiny but only God gives the ok to the path destined for us.

Because timing is such a force, it demands urgency and action. There is a saying, “time waits on no man.” Therefore, we are to make the best use of our time. Many folks lose important opportunities because they did not give close attention to time for this reason some of the most life changing events that would have propelled them to greatness passed leaving them without a trace from which they have never recovered. I believe that it is important to know the timing and the seasons we are in. We cannot afford the luxury of wasted years. Age is not a reason for not moving with urgency and take action at the right moment.

Procrastination is a force that can disrupt timing. How often do we hear the saying, “if I had known, I would have!” Never think that you have the rest of your life to carry out a task. It is always given with a time span and if we do not take opportunities when they exist, those moments might never return. Timing is important in negotiations, in relationship and in the greatest success in life.

In the dispensation of time many things had to be in place for revelation to take place. I think of the time the children of Israel went down to Egypt because of famine in their land; just suppose they failed to move at the moment they did? History would have been written differently; the Messiah would have come through another channel but man would have to wait and suffer unreasonably because timing was out of sync with the will and purpose of God.

Have you ever asked yourself the question: What time is it? It is now that time to reflect and make the most of your time and the season you are in. We have just a short time allotted to us therefore we cannot make decisions that will cost us to lose our moment and the opportunity that life brings our way. Therefore, the moment is now, be in sync with your timing and use this opportunity to connect with your future prosperity!

When Seasons Change

As the sun sets on the horizon it reflects the golden glares of another day at its end. A moment of solitude and wishful thoughts of what transpired in the hours and moments that passes as swiftly as the air that flows with its gentle breeze beating on our faces. It is in those sobering moments when we are faced with circumstances that cause us to look at the reality of the hour yearning for something to give us that release and transport us to that place of peace; resting within the comfort of a well placed destiny that might be nothing but a dream.

There are moments when we meet situations that cause us to stop and think. For many, life will take a turn that is uncomfortable and frustrating. Those are times when you do not know what to do or where to turn. You have seen the colors of autumn and the winter rain turning into snow; however just as seasons change you must decide to endure. For others it will be a time of joy and fulfillment. This will shape their attitudes to a life of bliss. Though seasons are always upon us, they never stay. We make adjustment to accommodate the times we are in. Be it winter, spring, summer or fall change will come and with it new beginning; new life and opportunity will prevail.

Remember it’s a new season and a new day new anointing is coming our way. It’s a season of power and prosperity. A new season is coming for you and me! The moment you are in will help to shape your destiny. Hold on and don’t be upset about your season just be prepared for the change that will eventually come!

Just as season is a division of the year, marked by changes in weather, ecology, and hours of daylight. Seasons result from the yearly orbit of the earth around the sun and the tilt of the Earth’s rotational axis relative to the plane of the orbit. In temperate and Polar Regions, the seasons are marked by changes in the intensity of sunlight that reaches the Earth’s surface, variations of which may cause animals to go into hibernation or to migrate, and plants to be dormant.

How does this affect us as a people living on this big blue marble of planet earth? Surely we can compare this to our own experiences. Though we might not want to admit it, we go through different seasons of our human experiences. Some moments are embarrassing, humiliating and filled with challenges beyond compare. You might be going through those seasons at this moment but hold on the drought will be over and the rain will fall again. The sun will shine again! Can you see the comparison made as life revolves around the axis relative to the plane of the orbit? (Just trying to draw a picture of our existence in comparison to the earth’s rotation) When you come to those times when all is out of control, it’s time to stop and make adjustment that will prepare you for new beginning.

Recently I was drawn to the word that tells the story of the Children of Israel crossing the Red Sea on their way to the promise land. It is ironic to note that they had all they wanted and was provided for. They were basking in the glory of their journey having defeated their enemy. They sing and dance giving praise and adoration to the almighty but then suddenly their season change and they forgot those moments of triumph.  Three day after that awesome miracle they were faced with a challenge. They had no water and they began to murmur.  Their season had just changed and they were not ready for what they had to face. However Moses cried out to God and he made a way for them to quench their thirst. He took them to Shur where they found a water spot but it was bitter. The bitter place may not be different but the experience can change. Yet another miracle took place when the bitter water were made sweet with a tree being placed into it. He then led them to Elim where there were twelve wells of water and comfort. Their season changed and they were enjoying the beauty of it all!

When seasons change we can be the same or we can make the adjustments that will see us through. It does not matter what you might be going through this change might not be just for you. Think of the many that is depending on you. Stand strong and don’t give up! Changing seasons can bring triumph and independence. It will turn your challenging times into bloom that unfolds the blossom which assures new life and a new beginning. Take a look at where you are and ask yourself, what season am I in?

Who is that male man?

As we embarked on another month I would like to look at the process and prospect of the male in me; I am enthralled with the idea that demands an answer. We have been searching for our identity ever since we were created. However time is passing; we are still in pursuit of who we are; trying to regain our identity. The age we live is an age of many faces and it does not get any better for those who want to embrace the morals that shape us and have guided us to a better path! Throughout these moments, I have to ask; who is that male man?

Society has set their standard and we are being legislated by our legal system because man has lost their identity.  Who we are is not what we have become. The definition is beyond anything we would ever imagine because of the sociopolitical rambling with which we have to meet. May I ask this question: Where in the world is the male man? Is anyone concern for the times in which we live! Our sons and daughters are crying out for a role model who will show them the way and set the standard for them to follow.

Who is a male man? I have asked this question and it must be asked again. I will try to define this brother in the way it should be. The male man is one who is strong and caring. He is not afraid to stand up for what is right even when society label him as different. He is a father, a son, husband, the high Priest to his family; a committed provider and protector. He is different from the norm; he was created in the image of God. He is destined for greatness because he is the exact replica of his father.

We can look at the examples of men in the past and see what the male man might strive to become. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes but that’s not the time to bury your head in the sand and become frozen with guilt and condemnation. It’s time to rise up and be the man God has called us to be!

No one was more powerful than David. He was King, Priest and a mighty warrior yet he mess up. In spite of it all he left a legacy for his son. He was a man after God’s own heart but he was not the one chosen to build the temple of God. That did not bother him because he knew that God had a plan. He went ahead and prepared the materials so that his son who followed after him did not have to go through the things he went through. He left a legacy for his son!

Daniel was taken to a foreign country where their custom and culture created pressure that was almost unbearable but he did not succumb to their pressures; he was a strong male man who stood the test of time. Because he was a strong male man he guided his three friends to greatness when they face the challenges he had to face. The call goes out to men today; be strong and be that male man that God has ordained you to be!

I believe in order to be a strong male man, you have to understand the purpose for which you were created.  Man was made in the likeness of God. He was destined for greatness until sin came and caused havoc to God’s perfect creation. He was crown with glory and honor and was made a little lower than the angels. Psalm 8: 5,

He is the source and strength of God’s creation. God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. When we were created God looked at His creation and said it was very good! He gave us dominion over every creature on the earth. He also created us for his good pleasure! However God knew that we could not be by ourselves so he gave us a help meet. We are the protector, the conqueror and the champion! Let the male man rise up and take up the challenge of raising up warriors capable of slaying the Giants that seek to abort our destiny. Take courage men and have a bless “Fathers Day”.