We emerge from isolation, silence and tragedy, to stand tall in times of obscurity. We are a people of untethered strength with a force that is greater than anything the world has ever seen. We rise out of desperation, we reach forward with vigor; we stand in the gap ready to take the challenges that faces the next generation. This is a relentless generation that is searching for its identity. We call then the techs’, the millennial; just like those who was sent to spy out the Land, some returned with a bad report. However, there is always a remnant who is willing to stand against all odds even when standing alone means being alienated from the crowd.

We come from a place where there are no ambiguities, it is plain and simple; we are a force with the heart of a lion yet humble as a lamb. Standing on the side being undecided is not an option, the time is now to get up and show your strength; your will to survive. You will emerge with strength standing strong and prepared for a battle against the invisible foe. He is willing to cause collateral damage to the kingdom without remorse.

The emergence of a new world order has taken place. The world is a different place, society has transformed into a social scale that has never been seen before. We are drifting into a world of seclusion, however there are still questions that needs to be answer. Looking at things from a world perspective, we see new trends taking place. I ask myself where is God in all of this? Everything seems to change and it is not necessarily for the better. Make the comparison and determine if we are a sane society! Yes, we are coming to terms with the reality of what was: is not what it used to be.

I am disappointed of the prospects of what is ahead. Where are we to place the blame? Surely, we can look at leadership and shove it off on them but we to have to live up to our responsibility. Why are we in such a hard place? Clearly the choice we make leads us down the road of despair but there is hope. At lease that is what I think. As we emerge through time and season we can begin to repair the path that seems irreparable. The God of yesterday is still the God of today; we can’t replace him even if we try. There is no denying that he exists and is in control. He is the one who can take us out of darkness and show us the light. Despite what is going on around us, we can emerge with hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Where are we going as a nation? During all this confusion, it is time to come out of the dark and let our light shine. There is work to be done with truth and righteousness showing the light in dark places. The emergence of a new world order suggests we wake up to watch what is happening around us. Government is not the answer, church is not the answer; we have taken on the consciousness and realization that there is only one answer and it is in God. It is time to rise and emerge from obscurity; raise the flag of victory without surrendering to low morale. Find your place in this space and stand tall with head raised proud of who you are and to whom you belong. It is time to rise and lift the blood-stained banner high. The cross was carried on our behalf; the story was told and proven and now it is finished your redemption has been paid. It is time to emerge!


Courage, the strength of character

These are solemn moments the time when we need to lock arms in unity, stand strong and unite for a common cause. This is not the time to sit and fold our arms and grieve over our situation, status or difficulties in life. This is the time to stand tall and strong. People are depending on us to take up the mantle and run with the torch so that we can finish the race. We must be tough to survive in this generation. The test is on; will we stand up to the challenges of the moment?

We are a proud people, a nation of worriers, men and women of valor. This is what God calls us. What do you call yourself? He knows us; when he assigns us, He knew what we were capable of; He called us “Mighty men of valor.”

Amongst us there are people of courage who do not mind standing up for what they believe. People who are determine to do the right thing in the face of difficulty. It does not matter how insignificant you might seem to others it only takes one to chase a thousand. I often think of Gideon he was the least amongst his brethren and of his clan. His family would not be considered as being very important in Israel but when God approached him, He called him “a mighty man of valor.” It does not matter what is your status in life or where you come from or what you have done or where you have been, you are important to God and he has given you a title. Man/woman of valor!

God is looking for people of valor. He wants to enlist you in the army and in the arms of his love. Just like Gideon you might be hiding in low self-esteem but God is looking for you and is saying to you come out; it is time to march. Stand up and be counted, be willing to lay down your life for the cause.

You might be looking at the situation and asking; is it really me? Yes, it is you; If not you, then who? Men and women must be willing to rise and answer the call.

In tough times, sometime we must separate ourselves from the crowd just like Gideon had to separate the crowd. God sometimes strip us so we can focus on the assignment to which He calls us. When you are being stripped, it seems as if your world is falling apart but God does the pruning before the growing. He sometime puts you in the furnace so you can be cured. Therefore, we learn to cope with difficulties without compromise.

Think of the road ahead, it might not be paved with gold but you can make a stepping stone out of what seems to be a setback. Take courage, it will help to strengthen your character. The strength of a man/woman is in his compromise. Strength is always proven by resistance! When there is no force there is nothing to resist. However, when pressure comes a decision will always have to be made. A man’s inner strength determines his ability to withstand temptations, persecutions, seductions lies and other pressures that work to enervate his manhood.

Jesus demonstrates the perfect traits of manhood. He laid down his life. He accepts responsibility for the action of the whole world. He taught men; only by losing one’s life can it be gained. It is time to get up and stand tall in the midst of low morals, lies and deception. Take courage in difficult situation!

We, The Generation of us

This is the generation that is now setting the standard for what is next. It is the advent of the Millennials after the Exes. It might seem strange to think that this generation is any different from the past but as we look at it closely I would have to say it is. We have move from the Generation Ex to the generation Next. This is what I define as the “We, Generation of us”. So what does it hold for the advent forces of newbies marching forward to discover the adventures that lies ahead; what are the challenges, the motivation or the gains that will emerge in a time of social change?

I am not an expert on any of these thought or subject but I would like to state things from my perspective and hope that it is interesting enough to start a conversation that will allow you to think of our world, where we are heading and the prospect of what is to come. “We” is define as more than one: just like “Us” it is not a selfish act; it is one that calls for unity and collaboration among people of differing class, race and status. We breaks barriers to change by challenging the status Coe. It defies the call for passivity and is moving headlong to achieve lasting change bringing to light the things once hidden in the dark to light.

According to the Council of Economy Advisor, Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S., representing one-third of the total U.S. population in 2013. This is the first generation to have had access to the Internet during their formative years. Millennials also stand out because they are the most diverse and educated generation. I say that the “We’s” are different because their level understanding are different. Now; I am not trying to put down the other generations as being dumb but let’s look at it through the eyes of technology; everything is now digitized and to understand most terms and codes one would almost have to be a wizard but the for the We’s this come naturally as if just another game. Everything is geared towards the “We Generation.” The “We’s” are in control; believe it or not this is how it is going to be. The Exers can fight against it all they want but this is here to stay; all we have to do is just be adoptable to change! We the generation of us defies the system and are setting new standards with commitment to social change.

Technology defines the true nature of the advances in our world. The cell phone has replaced the need to carry documents which leave long paper trail, everything is now stored in the clouds and can be access with the touch of a button. Because of advances in technology news are being sent at the speed of light helping us to see thing as they unfold. No longer are we dependent on the few news Medias with their biases; people can record events bringing to light the truth as it is being unfold.

While it is true that the “We’s” seems to have it together and they have advance in technology it is disappointing to note there are much lack, confusion and undiscipline. There are things they face regularly that is beyond their reach. Striving for the top does not come easy it takes determination and pure grits to move beyond the norm just to reach the next level.

Take a look at what is happening. Although more educated, unemployment seems to be higher.  Why is this the case? Going to school and getting a degree is sometimes not enough because when faced with the practical situation, they are more than likely to be overlooked for lack of experience etc. This leave them with a sense of frustration, many are underemployed; they face the burden of high student loans and will be subjected to poverty, depression and stress because they are not able to cope. Therefore I would want to suggest that the “We’s” learn to be patient, develop perseverance and a sense of purpose. Establish a good foundation on which to build your future.

In spite of all the confusion, the chaos and the frustration seek God who is the answer to this world’s dilemma. The generation of “Us” can be a catalyst for change that will send a lasting message and place a stamp in history with a message of how to overcome!

The Ant Generation

The ant is among the smallest creäture that is in existence today yet it is the one that is most wise. One that we can look at as we develop a vision for the future. This is not debatable because the evidence is all around us; all we have to do is see this tiny creäture at work. Take a look with me and see the awesomeness of this creäture and compare it to this generation and see the results!

I will stop for a moment and look at the Proverbs for some admonition. Solomon was the wisest king who ever lived. He talk to his son about the dangers that awaits him if he determines to neglect the instruction of his father or mother. He once said to him you are snared by the words of your mouth. Therefore when you come into the hands of your friend go humble yourself and deliver thyself from the hand of the hunter.

What does this have to do with the Ant Generation? The question is, how do you see yourself in lite of the trends that are consuming this generation and the fashion statements that are being made? How do you keep up with what’s going on?  Solomon is saying to us: Go to the Ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: There are lessons to be learned if we would give attention to the smallest creäture with a big agenda.

Looking at the Ant we see that they have no guide, overseer, or ruler. They provide their meat in the summer, and gather her food in the harvest. How do we stack up? Are we holding out our hand waiting for someone to give us help or do we get up and get to work to fulfil our purpose and worth? The question to this generation is, how long will you sleep you sluggard, when will you rise up out of your sleep?

Certainly this is not bashing, I am shedding some light on the one thing that we so often neglect in our pursuit for greatness and a secure future. Consider this, the Ant have no ruler and yet they work together for one common cause. No one is trying to usurp authority over the other, they don’t even have a guide yet they are making progress when it comes to unity and building a future they all can depend upon.

How do we mobilize this generation to adapt the structure and leadership capabilities of an Ant? As a generation drifting in the sea of dissolution, it is time to pull together for the cause of humanity and form a human bond that transcends culture race or creed. Stop for a moment and learn from that creäture so small and insignificant that many time we think it nothing to step on them, exterminate them charging them with destroying the thing we hold dear. However hard we try, they are resilient always coming back with greater forces.

Creatures of earth we can form a colony, create a guide and become overseers of our destiny! It is time to march, confront the evils of the time we live in. Because you might be the smallest and simplest does not mean that you are weak. When you form a colony you become strong because you are now multiples of many; that’s how the Ant makes progress. Watch them as they call for help to get the task accomplish; they do not fight each other, they combine their efforts to carry out the goal. It is time for us creatures of earth to become part of the Ant generation.

Consider this: Ant societies have division of labor, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems. Have you ever thought of this? Their ability to exploit resources have caused them to be in conflict with human society. We never seems to see the importance of the Ant and so because of this we tend to call for the exterminator while destroying the very creäture sent to help us cope with the conquest of mother earth. However Ants perform many ecological roles that are beneficial to humans, including the suppression of pest populations and aeration of the soil.

Leaders of this Ant generation let us come together helping to navigate the course and the direction we take as we mobilize the masses to take action for a brighter future where we all live as one under the umbrella of love in a society of trust without social unrest. Now is the time for corporation not competition. As an Ant generation a people of hope and future possibilities let industriousness play a role among us as we cultivate society to take on the responsibility of togetherness amidst social unrest. Are a part of the Ant Generation?

Let The Music Play

I thought it was clear. The plan was we would share this feeling Just between ourselves, But when the music changed the plan was re-arranged. He went to dance with someone else. We started dancing and love put us into a groove but now he’s with somebody new. What does love want me to do? Love said, Let the music play, Let the music play! He won’t get away. He tried pretending; a dance is just a dance but I see He’s dancing his way back to me. Guess he’s discovered we are truly lovers. Magic from the very start ‘Cause love just kept me groovin’ and he felt me movin’ Even though we danced apart. (Shannon: Let the music play)

Times have change; we are living in an era when adaptability is a must if we are to stay current in the midst of social change. While the message has not change, the method most certainly will have to if we want to reach this young and hip generation with the gospel. How do you fish if the bait you use is of no interest to the fish? Certainly it must be something that attracts the subject which causes them to be hooked with the bait. Yes! The music that is being played is a new era of music that would cause the older generations to turn in their grave if they wake up to the sound of what we call gospel in today’s pop culture.

It’s the turn of the centre; it is amazing to see how far we have come. Technology rules; this generation is caught up in a trance. A trance I would say because it is so easy to be caught off guard by what we view to be right without examining the true reasoning behind the things we are aligned to. Yes! Let the music play but please don’t dance the light away. The sound will be no more; everything will cease to be; only those who survive the fire will stand the test of time!

I am not trying to be critical of what I am hearing but to be honest; it is sometimes disturbing to listen with an open mind. How much word do these rappers have in then when putting their lyrics together? Who do they emulate? Are they conscious of the fact that they are representing Christ and not just their desire for fame or fortune? My message to this hip generation; be mindful of the tunes you create and let it also be a reflection of the word in you.  Be the salt and light shining in a dark world. Make the most of the moment but be a shining star as you reach out to your generation. I would urge you to let the music play but don’t dance the light away!

You may suggest that I am against the rap or dub music. I am not! I listen regularly and am pleased for the most part. It is wonderful that there is a way to reach the masses who are not church goers. They are the unchurched who do not know what it is to be a Christian. Without us stepping into their territory, they will never know or come face to face with the God we serve. We have a message of grace that is none traditional reaching them where they are without tainting the good news of the gospel. Therefore I say let the music play! However there are times when I would have to send out an SOS to the lyrics that follow the music. I believe in words that are clear with the message as it is intended. There should be no cloud about what is being translated.

The time has come when your identity will be made clear. There are no more covers, the curtain has been unveiled. Everyone is coming out and standing for what they believe. Why not you? Should we be hiding in the dark with a cloud of suspicion trying to identify who we are? It is time to stand; having done all to stand and be proud of whom you are! Let the music play and let true worship begin.

Can this be base on worship; reaching into the heart and soul of the one who hears it? We are battle weary but the victory has been assured. There is no need to relent, we must forge ahead; there’s no turning back. It is just the way it is! Everything is different in changing times and seasons. Like it or not we will have to embrace it. Let’s secure our future by teaching the word so that this pop culture can be equipped to carry the message through the medium they know.

For us we worship in a different mode but it all summed up to be the same. What does God think of these scenarios; does He really care? With our heart filled with worship giving honor to His name; the tunes might be different but it all summed up to be the same. Let the music play and give glory to his name.

Let the music play! Breathe life into me. I am always willing to listen so that I will never be the same. I only want to give you honor and worship your holy name. Let the songs be true and the music plain as I give glory to your name. I am sending this message out to all who would listen; let’s give Him praise. Condemnation will try to hold you like a prisoner in chains; when all is said and done it all will be changed. Let the music play giving glory to his name.