We emerge from isolation, silence and tragedy, to stand tall in times of obscurity. We are a people of untethered strength with a force that is greater than anything the world has ever seen. We rise out of desperation, we reach forward with vigor; we stand in the gap ready to take the challenges that faces the next generation. This is a relentless generation that is searching for its identity. We call then the techs’, the millennial; just like those who was sent to spy out the Land, some returned with a bad report. However, there is always a remnant who is willing to stand against all odds even when standing alone means being alienated from the crowd.

We come from a place where there are no ambiguities, it is plain and simple; we are a force with the heart of a lion yet humble as a lamb. Standing on the side being undecided is not an option, the time is now to get up and show your strength; your will to survive. You will emerge with strength standing strong and prepared for a battle against the invisible foe. He is willing to cause collateral damage to the kingdom without remorse.

The emergence of a new world order has taken place. The world is a different place, society has transformed into a social scale that has never been seen before. We are drifting into a world of seclusion, however there are still questions that needs to be answer. Looking at things from a world perspective, we see new trends taking place. I ask myself where is God in all of this? Everything seems to change and it is not necessarily for the better. Make the comparison and determine if we are a sane society! Yes, we are coming to terms with the reality of what was: is not what it used to be.

I am disappointed of the prospects of what is ahead. Where are we to place the blame? Surely, we can look at leadership and shove it off on them but we to have to live up to our responsibility. Why are we in such a hard place? Clearly the choice we make leads us down the road of despair but there is hope. At lease that is what I think. As we emerge through time and season we can begin to repair the path that seems irreparable. The God of yesterday is still the God of today; we can’t replace him even if we try. There is no denying that he exists and is in control. He is the one who can take us out of darkness and show us the light. Despite what is going on around us, we can emerge with hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Where are we going as a nation? During all this confusion, it is time to come out of the dark and let our light shine. There is work to be done with truth and righteousness showing the light in dark places. The emergence of a new world order suggests we wake up to watch what is happening around us. Government is not the answer, church is not the answer; we have taken on the consciousness and realization that there is only one answer and it is in God. It is time to rise and emerge from obscurity; raise the flag of victory without surrendering to low morale. Find your place in this space and stand tall with head raised proud of who you are and to whom you belong. It is time to rise and lift the blood-stained banner high. The cross was carried on our behalf; the story was told and proven and now it is finished your redemption has been paid. It is time to emerge!


R.I.P the End of a Civil Society

Are we “One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all?”

Half a century ago, at the height of anti-Communist fervor, Congress added the words ”Under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. It was a petty attempt to link patriotism with religious piety, to distinguish us from the godless Soviets. But after millions of repetitions over the years, the phrase has become part of the backdrop of American life, just like the words ”In God We Trust” on our coins and ”God bless America” uttered by presidents at the end of important speeches. (N.Y. times)

In today society it has become the melting pot for moral decay and decadence. We are now faced with the rottenness of a so call society that would cause the death of the already dead! The question is; how did we as a nation come to this brink? Look at what is happening even at this moment when our society is said to be more civilized. We have more people with degrees than at any other time in the history of this nation yet we are more morally bankrupt.

Just in case you might be wondering, I am not commenting on things politically; that will be for another time and place. I must say that the standard of leadership and the corruption is clear and hard to ignore. Therefore I must conclude that this is truly: R.I.P the end of a civil society. It is the thing that causes great nations to fall.

When I was a child it was said; manners and behavior will take you anywhere in the world. This is a far cry from those days when folks respected each other.

Respect for authority has been thrown out of the window and everyone is being governed by their own ideals. Is this the place we thought it would be in a moment like this? Respect for authority is at an all time low. It is so clear in the media; we look at it as a new norm. It is disgusting and rude and there is no other way we should describe it! Let us as a nation get back to the art of respect and for the ideals that this great nation was built upon! Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is morally right without intruding on the rights of others. Give respect where respect is due. Let us stay true to our motto, “One Nation under God.”

Happy thanks giving and may God bless us all as a nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all!