Destined to win

Did you know that you were born to be a success and not a failure? Think about it and you will understand that everyone regardless to their status in life, started the very same way; with nothing! You were born into this world with nothing. However, because of the family you were born into, it helped to determine your social path throughout life. This might raise an eyebrow but look at it this way; if you were born into a poor family you have to struggle three times as hard to make it in life. If you were born into a rich family, your destiny has already been determined by your parents who made sure you will have a well set future.

When you were formed in your mother’s womb, it was not an accident; you were meant to be here in this place in this moment and time. Some folks might think otherwise but you were ordained to be a part of this generation. God said you were fearfully and wonderfully made. Just think of this and let it simmer for a while. No one can deny the awesomeness of Gods creation, everything about you is different. You might be told that you are no good, there is no use for you, nobody loves you; that’s a lie. You are a very special person with a very special purpose. You were created to win!

There are those who will see you as different; not part of what they define as part of there inner circle, they can’t handle your uniqueness; they have the problem; not you. Hold your head up high and claim your status, life has a cycle and you were chosen to be a part of it. You are a winner, an overcomer, a success, you were born to win that’s the truth! You might have been told differently by your haters or your pairs, that doesn’t matter. You are loved and you are lovely, you are special. You were put together in the most incredible way. No matter who tries, you cannot be duplicated. Your finger print is different, your DNA is different. Believe you are a gem; a VIP and you are a part of a divine destiny with an inheritance that cannot be taken away or destroyed by human! You are destined to win. It’s your destiny!

Don’t be tricked by those who choose to be blinded by your beauty. Stand tall throw back your shoulders and announce to the world you are here. Your inner beauty far out shines the external and that’s the affairs of the heart. There aren’t no stopping you now you are on the move. Love yourself and you will be loved. You were destined to win so be a winner!