Why should we pay

With all the chaos that surrounds us it is easy to turn a blind eye and not see the things taking place within our society. Let us not forget that we are a part of this turbulence and as the water rises we should be careful not to get swallowed up by the rising tide that is about to consume us. We must not forget the place where we were and the efforts made to put us at a place where we are able to make great strides and advancements for the future.

Why the rhetoric, the empty promises that is leading us to a path of no return. What was built in years is now being destroyed in a day. The choices we make, the selfish rhetoric’s the hate and the pain will take years to wash away leaving us in bondage to low self-worth, worry and fear. However, the price will be paid for ignorance, self-love and visionless leadership. The time has come to let our voice be heard because silence is not golden and ignorance is not bliss but wisdom will prevail!

Why should we pay for a wall of frustration, degradation, mistrust and political manipulation? The writing is on the wall; the hand is moving but no sight of a body to guide it. Therein lies the mystery of the moment. Heaven help us all! What times are we in! With all being said, it is time to brace ourselves for the next chapter because we are about to turn the corner to a place with many crossroads. Therefore, we are called to listen to the one voice that is standing ready to guide us; however, if we are not attentive we will miss the mark from which we will not recover.

Money will not pay for common senses. It can pay for sabotage as you rejoice to see a legacy being destroyed but in the end, it will take decades to mend the fences that are being destroyed. Heaven help us all as we sail on this ship that is sailing to a land of no return with a captain that is steering without a compass or a map: relying on the ignorance of others to steer this ship into the storm. The turbulence is rising, the waves are rolling high, the skies are dark without a glimmer of light but we are asleep in the dark hoping to ride this through. In the end who will pay? It is we the people who are too blind to see the road we are being led down wearing a mask of religion, a mask of hate and confusion not having a clue until it is too late.

Wake up my people; see men as men and not men as trees. Don’t be fooled by rhetoric. Loyalty has no place to play in the path of a fool. If the blind leads the blind they both will fall into a ditch. It is only a matter of time until your grave clothe is off then you will realize the travesty of the moment long past. It will be too late and the only thing you will have to look back on is the memory of the past. The word is: ” By the rivers of Babylon there we sat down and there we wept when we remember Zion.” Please don’t let this be your song wake up and take a stand!


Something to Talk About

In the journey of life, we encounter struggles and obstacles that sometimes hinder us from making strides. It is true that we cannot know what is ahead of us because if we knew we would seek to change history with all of its complexities. With that said we must struggle on; listening and adapting to changing times and the mysteries of the moment. We are on a mystic journey passing through this time capsule of life.

We meet people with all their traits. We succumb to the moment, the manipulations and the turbulence of the here and now. The one thing I learn early in my journey is effective people will attract negatives. Someone once told me: When people are talking about you it is a sign of progress because you have something going on in your life.  When you are on a journey to success, the mystery of the journey will attract someone with something to talk about.

This was what Jesus met on His journey. He met folks who would listen and folks who would seek to manipulate. There were folks who tried to kill him but it could not have happened before his time. They talk in silence and they seek to hijack the crowd with their treats and ideologies. They spent time seeking to find faults but He remained steadfast and true to his assignment. He left an impression; He gave them something to talk about!

I would like to share just the words of the lyric from a song I hear all the time and to be honest; I am drawn to the lyric and what it communicates. “People are talking, talking ’bout people. I hear them whisper, you won’t believe it. They think we’re lovers kept under cover; I just ignore it, but they keep saying. We laugh just a little too loud. We stand just a little too close. We stare just a little too long. Maybe they’re seeing something we don’t, Darlin’.  Let’s give them something to talk about; How about love?”

This is the gist of the moment and it is the one thing we cannot control. Why spend time worrying about your situation and about the things you meet in life? These are just stepping-stones to a brighter tomorrow. The key word is love! Let’s spread the love around in the midst of persecution and aggression it is love that will conquer all. Share the love and let’s give them something to talk about!

This is a love story that is worth talking about. When you meet the changer of lives people will talk and they will whisper. They will give you time to return to the former way of life but when you have met true love and you experience a taste of the good life you don’t mind them with their whispering. You just gave them something to talk about.

I am on a journey, though simple yet it can become complex; not because it was intended to be but because people seems to make it this way. Being a follower of Christ is a simple undertaking. Follow the road map and your journey will be a success. However there are rules to the relationship and a message to proclaim. There is always something to talk about. Because of the size of the message and it’s far reaching effect it becomes a strain on the carriers who sometimes shrink in despair. The message is clear and it has been unveiled; the message of love! Let’s give them something to talk about!

I will continue to look at the lyrics of the song because it tells a story of this journey and expresses the feeling that is often met along the way. “I feel so foolish; I’ve never noticed, you’d act so nervous, Could you be falling for me? It took a rumor to make me wonder now I’m convinced that I’m going under Thinking ’bout you every day. Dream ’bout you every night I’m hoping that you feel the same way Now that we know it, let’s really show it, Darlin’. Let’s give them something to talk about; A little mystery to figure out, babe. Let’s give them something to talk about. How about love, love, love?”

The message of the cross is love. We have to tell it on the mountain top because that is the solution to the problem in the world. If we would only love all conflict would end and there would be peace.

I really like these words “Let’s give them something to talk about babe, A little mystery to figure out, let’s give them something to talk about. How about love? Many times we become clouded in our message of the cross, we sometimes feel foolish and nervous to talk about our experiences with Christ but may I ask how the world will know about our love and the greatness of this journey if we fail to give them something to talk about.

It’s time to speak up, proclaim it on the mountain top. Get out of the closet just like everyone is doing and don’t be afraid or nervous. We have the greatest love story to tell. This story is rich enough to cover the entire world. This is a love affair with the greatest lover of all; Jesus love and the power of His blood. Yes you got something to talk about and this is the story of love! Love! Love!